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10 Apps That Are Useful For Small Teams and Freelancers


Asana: A perfect project manager helping you stay ahead

Asana tool_IBC
A preview of the Asana tool

This is a versatile app that keeps you in control over multiple ongoing projects, remote or in-office, across departments and job profiles.

Asana is a full-fledged Agile tool helping end-to-end project management. It can templatize project kickoffs, adhoc requests, send and receive feedback, get approvals, set up and track projects in the pipeline, set objectives and company goals, and more.

Further, Asana’s applicability extends to scheduling meetings, brainstorming ideas, event planning & campaign management, creating product roadmaps, obtaining customer feedback, preparing video creative briefs and making production calendars, recruiting new candidates, receiving IT help requests, and managing them, assisting the operations team, etc.

To top it, there’s a free 30-day trial period too. And if you opt for its basic version, you can use it for free.

Try Asana.


LinkedIn: Facilitating social networking amongst professionals

Networking is such an integral part of every business growth culture. LinkedIn offers a similar experience digitally. Owned by Microsoft, the app is completely dedicated to its tagline of connecting professionals globally for their success.

A free LinkedIn account lets you engage with your peers and colleagues through your feeds and LinkedIn Stories. It helps you stay updated on the happenings in your industry, region, and the lives of your connections. Group and private messaging are possible. You can use the app to search for contacts to fuel business and personal growth. It is a go-to platform for many looking for authentic job searches and employment opportunities.

There’s a premium account that is apt for lead generation, job searches, learnings and skill acquisition, and more. It can be tried for free for a month before paying up.

Join Linkedin, if you aren't already there. And if you are, start engaging with it more to build your brand.


Dropbox: Stay focused and organized

There’s no guarantee of success, but when teams work in sync with one another, mountains can move, for sure. Dropbox is a tool for synchronized working, fewer distractions, and more meaningful work.

Launched in 2007 by Drew Houston, the app has traversed a long way. It started with the basic idea to help team members keep all relevant files, tools, and content in one place. The app offers safe storage, yes, but more than that, it helps teams work smartly by collaborating and sharing content. It minimizes time and effort wastage in switching between different apps.

Try Dropbox for free before you invest in it.


Calendly: Simplifying meeting scheduling

Calendly preview

Gone are the days when fixing meetings and appointments meant sending emails and messages to and fro. All of that can be seamlessly done now with Calendly, an app that is used by almost 10,000,000 users daily.

All types of meetings can be fixed using the app - group meetings, one-to-one, co-host events, round Robin, etc. Automatic reminders, reschedule meetings, create simple rules, send guest invites, create meeting links, and embed online. When guests pick a time, the meeting is confirmed, and you are notified.

Try Calendly for free.


Headspace: Guided meditation for the mind

A well-deserved break from work, everyday grind, relationships, kids, etc., gives you a new perspective. What better way to calm the inner mind and soul than guided meditation! That’s precisely how the Headspace App helps.

Music, stories, narrations, and soundscapes to de-stress and rejuvenate are delivered right on your mobile every day. This app is a must for improving mental health with science-backed mindfulness tools.


Evernote: A note-taking app

Evernote app view

A handy note-taking app, Evernote ensures all notes, data, and information you need are available digitally across all devices you use.

Your digital notes can have text, PDFs, images, audio, and scanned documents. With Evernote, you can maintain your to-do list and cross them once done. A flexible tool, Evernote helps you find details faster from your notes. The best aspect is that it gets synced with all your digital devices.


Slack: Managing work effectively

A snapshot of Slack

Slack connects everyone concerned in the workspace digitally. This app makes it simpler to work across different time zones, teams, companies, and physical spaces.

You can share your screen with anyone anywhere. No need to schedule meetings because Slack helps you in the work-from-anywhere world hassle-free. Brainstorm and collaborate asynchronously, watch video clips at your pace, and do a lot more, go beyond physical workspaces, and work as and when you prefer.

Try Slack for free.


Google Docs: Another excellent collaborative tool

The brainchild of Google, Google Docs helps create documents, edit them, and put all creative ideas into one place in real-time. Irrespective of where and when you are working from. It’s a free tool for all - simply log in and get started!

You can take advantage of intelligent built-in features like Smart Compose, voice typing, grammar checks, translations, etc. You can share the Doc across Google apps and even work offline. Security is not an issue with Google’s robust infrastructure to back it.


Another Call Recorder (ACR): Call recordings to back you up

You never know when a recorded call can become your greatest asset. With ACR, it is possible to record, search using phone numbers or names, delete, prioritize to prevent auto-deletion, manual recording, password protection, etc.

ACR permits recording in varied formats and modes with free transcription services in English. You can upload the recordings to your Google Drive, email and share them, and save them in Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Try ACR on Android.


Google Hangouts: Stay connected

Another simple-to-use versatile app is Hangouts, offered by Google. It helps you start and carry on conversations - messages or video calls - in real-time. You can use the app to share text, images, audio, video, photos, GIFs, stickers, and emojis.

For One-to-one or group conversations, this app is an indispensable tool. And it works fabulously across all connected devices and operating systems.




Download all these ten great apps and notice the transition in your professional life!

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