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10 Indian Start-ups in the Marketing Automation Domain That You Must Watch out For

Thanks to the technological revolution, much of the marketing department’s mechanical and mundane work has become simpler with marketing automation. Take the case of live chats, email and social media marketing, lead generation, website monitoring, etc. Many of the processes of digital marketing are effectually streamlined due to marketing automation. It has helped marketers devote their time to strategic planning, researching, and designing rather than doing manual and repetitive tasks.

Statistics on marketing automation by Oracle point to the fact that 35% of marketers support automation because it helps streamline marketing efforts while 34% feel it helps in improving customer engagement and experiences.

This article will talk about ten Indian start-ups in the Marketing Automation domain.


Used mainly by MSMEs in India, Leadsquared is a marketing automation tool that helps achieve improved sales efficiency. Their sales tech stack takes care of digital onboarding, field force, and marketing automation. Currently being used by almost 250,000 users across the world, they have won the National Start-up Award for Enterprise Systems from the Government of India under the CRM category. It has also recently launched a gamified sales performance suite called ACE.

Highlights of the Marketing Automation software from Leadsquared:

  • Capture leads

  • Understand User Intent

  • Engage with Users and spot signals

  • Visualize user journey

  • Encourage the User to act

  • Engage

  • Trigger re-engagement

  • Measure performance

  • An integrated front-end


This automation company works in different industrial verticals including retail, FMCG, travel & hospitality, and more. Its software for marketing automation is mostly about fortifying brand loyalty by offering memorable customer experiences. Marketing automation products from Hansa Cequity are:

  • Connected Marketing Platform CMP

  • Insights for data analytics

  • ACE Loyalty for a data-based loyalty program

  • SMART for real-time recommendations

  • I-SENSE for gaining consumer insight

  • MPS or Market Potential Scorer for reaching out to the potential market at the regional level.

  • GENIUS for competitive analysis.

  • Customer Engagement Platform or CEP

  • Q-DEDUPE for gaining accurate information about customers.


If customer retention is your ultimate objective, this full-stack Marketing Automation platform is meant for your business. The platform supporting multi-channel campaigns has been designed to put organizations into growth gear with increased sales and revenues. Companies like Firstcry, Unacademy, My Glamm, and Bajaj Finserv are using this platform for driving immersive customer experiences. The platform can be leveraged for:

  • Email marketing

  • SMS marketing

  • WhatsApp marketing

  • Push Notifications

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Remarketing

  • Web Personalization

  • In-App Notifications


This platform from Tech Mahindra is meant for leveraging the digital medium for customer engagement, improving ROI, fan retention, and more. The platform has been well-received by the e-commerce segment that uses this end-to-end connected digital marketing automation system for personalization and engagement. It is a self-service app that makes it simple to use.

The Factoreal app enables:

  • Email marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social ad automation

  • SMS marketing automation

  • Customer journey automation

  • Segment & Audience builder

  • Website tracking

  • Web push notifications

  • Mobile push notifications

  • WhatsApp marketing, and more.


Empowering businesses with automation, this platform is specialized in QR coding for the retail packaging industry. Alongside this, the B2C platform is designed to scale up users to millions.

The company offers solutions like:

  • Digital Warranty for warranty management

  • Loyalty Program for driving repeat purchases

  • Gamification for making it easier to onboard users

  • Automated marketing to showcase key product features and optimize the digital platform for faster tuning.

  • Automated and managed campaigns.


Making customer engagement fruitful, CustomerGlu is an automation platform that believes in doing so with game-like experiences. So, your digital business does not need expert developers to create gamified experiences for users and take customer delight to a different level. Businesses can get new users onboard conveniently, retain them and go after new ones with the help of CustomerGlu.

The solutions line-up from the company includes:

  • Customer Retention

  • Referral Program

  • Customer Engagement

  • Gamified User experiences

  • Feature Adoption


This platform is best used for managing interactions and conversations with internal and external stakeholders including customers, and employees. This enterprise-grade digital platform offers the required resources and tools to create automated workflows. What can be done with this platform?

  • Drag-and-drop app for creating integrations and automated workflows across thousands of businesses. No line of coding is required.

  • API Management for converting workflows into AP! s.

  • Managing real-time Conversations involving chatbots, Internet of Things devices, and human agents.


This Demand-side platform (DSP) is one-of-its-kind that offers an audio advertising platform to businesses. Be it indigenous Music Apps or Podcasts or international, this is a one-stop solution for audio advertisement. For Podcast advertisements, PayTunes help creates optimized campaigns. Targeting the audience, creating evolved UX, retargeting, recording user interaction each time the user hears an audio ad, pin code targeting, etc., are some of the advantages of using this platform.


Use this platform to increase the number of reviews and enhance positions in search listings. This platform is designed for brick-and-mortar stores where collecting customer feedback is a headache. Foore helps automate the collection of reviews. Customers are checked in via the Foore dashboard and then they use their WhatsApp or Facebook to share reviews. Up to a 32% increase in reviews has been noticed in businesses using this marketing automation platform.


ExtraaEdge brings admission and marketing software that is a big help for admission departments in the education industry. The company offers some comprehensive software solutions as listed below:

  • Education CRM that automates the journey of a student or a prospect through funnel management, reporting dashboard, etc.

  • Admission marketing automation helps convert queries and complete the entire admission process.

  • Application management to manage student applications.

  • Chatbot software that helps ensure that no inquiries are missed and there is a 24x7 accessible inquiry.

  • Mobile CRM for staff working from home.

Looking for marketing automation software? One of these will surely help you manage your customer relationships and engagements better.

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