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April 2022: Round-up of the best marketing campaigns this month

April was the month of Earth Day, Ramadan, April Fool Day, Ranbir-Alia's wedding and so much more. Did brands leverage this?

Let's find out...

Razorpay's some fun, some banter on April Fools Day with Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo for Razorpay

Branding is not always about targeting the customer with serious brand reinforcement and recall messages. Sometimes, the tone can be jest-filled too! And, what better than April Fools Day! Ankur Warikoo needs no introduction to the investment and finance savvy customers. Razorpay is not a new player in the Indian B2B payment solutions market.

Ankur and Razorpay tied up to fire some banter on 1st April, touching upon a very sensitive point - paying off credit card bills. Rising bill amounts and delayed payments are pretty much a way of life for working professionals. Ankur and Razorpay came up with the 'Buy Now Pay Never' message, targeting B2C customers, echoing the sentiments of thousands of men and women who wished BNPN was a reality! A hearty laugh doesn't hurt!

They even went as far as creating a separate landing page. Check it out here.

And getting some media coverage.

A big thumbs up to the in-house team on the wisecrack message!

India Gate’s #EmotionCalledBiryani on Ramzan

With a patriotic undertone, the Maximus Collabs campaign involves 150+ influencers rating biryani joints in Lucknow, the Biryani Capital of India. Three separate movies highlight that biryani is not just another delectable food item but an emotion for Indians. An unexplainable attachment, a royal treat cooked by moms and grandmoms with flavors and spices, earmarked for special days and celebrations for millions of households in India.

This campaign features on our list because of its timing. And, of course, the sentimental connection that it poignantly plays between basmati rice and the piquant dish.

An inspiration to invest in the Planet and not just in yourself. A digital investment form that fills up on Instagram, the brainchild of the in-house team at AU Small Finance Bank. It is a way to reinforce the feeling that investing in the Planet is essential for its sustenance.

The simple automated Instagram ad doesn’t advise or give suggestions on the hows and the whys. Playing for less than a few seconds, it is a reminder, a plain nudge for readers and audiences to start seriously thinking about the Planet. Nice and simple!

LEAD’s An Ode to Teachers #OnlyTeachersCan

Teachers make us. They sow the seed of what we are today. This video is a salute to all teachers who overcome a myriad of everyday challenges so that we can go ahead and fulfil our dreams and ambitions.

The almost 3 minutes video in Hindi finely underlines all the sacrifices, hard work, and efforts teachers undertake for their students, many of which are taken for granted by students and their parents. Thus, Teacher hona aasan nahi hotastands out as an inspirational piece of work! Kudos to TBWA India, Piplu Khan, the director of the film from Potlibaba Media House, and Anupam Gurani, Chief Marketing Officer, LEAD for the brilliant work.

Flipkart Health+ ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’

Flipkart continues with its theme of having kids playing adults with the launch of its new health app called Flipkart Health+. The ad leaves you amused but delivers the message nonetheless, powerfully. The underlying tone is about laughter being the best medicine which is, of course, available free of charge. And, for all other requirements related to medicines, the app is the right place to get the best discounts.

Created by Lowe Lintas, the playful ad is fun to watch while ensuring that the common man can relate very well. The creativity in this ad is in its script, direction, and the child actors.




And that's a wrap folks!

Have a great new month ahead.

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