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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Wordle is fun and everyone is hooked!

The first time we saw the yellow, green, and grey checkered boxes on people’s Twitter handles, we were confused. But it didn’t take long for us to get swept right into the middle of the Wordle storm.

We have one major disappointment though!

With just one word per day, we are left craving for more to play through the day.

That’s when we rampaged through the internet and found some great alternatives to Wordle.

Sharing our list of best Wordle alternatives for you:

1. The most similar alternative: Word Master

Word Master wins this one for us!

It is exactly the same as Wordle, except you can play any number of rounds you want!

So while you wait for your next word on Wordle, hop onto Word Master and have some fun.

2. An alternative with words other than 5-letter ones: Word Guessr

Want to guess words with different number of letters? Then try Word Guessr over Wordle. It lets you choose between 3-7 letter words or even have a word picked at random regardless of the number of letters.

Again, play as much as you want, to your heart’s content!

3. The ‘Challenge Yourself’ Alternative: Seven Wordles

Not finding Wordle competitive enough to keep up?

Then Seven Wordles is for you.

With a timer ticking away prominently and a challenge to complete seven words in a row, this one will definitely get your pulse racing.

4. An Alternative for the SEO fanatic: Google Feud

We tried this game over and over but failed miserably! But it was a lot of fun to sit with our team and do this. We didn't fun but we had quite a lot of LOL moments!

But guess an SEO fanatic who fell in love with Wordle would get this one just right.

Tell us if you are one!

5. An App Alternative That You Can Play with Friends: Kitty Letter

Want to play face-to-face word battles with friends? Then this one is your game.

The more words you produce, the more you grow your cat army and they attack your friends’ house.

Yes, it is as much fun to play for both kids and adults.

6. An Alternative for the Tetris Fans: Spell Tower+

Proud of your vocabulary?

Let’s see how many words you can make before the tower reaches the top of your screen.

Not exactly like Wordle but if you love word games, then this is a must try!

7. An Alternative for Anyone Who Already Doesn’t Know: Wordscapes

Most probably, you’ve already played this game or know someone who has.

Wordscapes is a word hunt game that you can easily get addicted to.

Try it for yourself.

Have fun!

A little play is much needed.


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