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March 2023: Round-up of the best marketing campaigns this month

Year-end closing can be a pretty daunting time. With FY 2022-23 coming to an end, March is a busy time for a lot of you. That said, brands have been pretty busy this month, with many new marketing campaigns panning out from all across. Pepsi went ahead and launched its new logo too. So let’s start our round–up for the month with the brand’s new logo.

The new design for Pepsi, launched on 28th March 2023, is all in CAPS and pretty forceful. The word 'PEPSI' is dabbed in the middle of a circle with wavy white stripes between the red and the blue. It looks more like the 1990s logo. The new design is created to draw attention to the zero-sugar strategy, marking a change to the zero-sugar recipe. The new logo will be rolled out in the US this year and, by next year, across the globe.

Now, for the best ad and marketing campaigns in March 2023.

Savlon | Hand Ambassador | Swasth India Mission

This one is different not because the campaign focuses on ‘washing hands’ but also how the brand has re-imagined brand ambassadorship. This time it is a hand ambassador - the hand of the ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. So, the hand is the hero in these campaigns.

Two things are striking - the message that tries to talk to the audience about hand-washing and the use of the hand of a famous personality to drive home the message.

Mahindra Group |International Women's Day 2023 | #SheIsOnTheRise |

These are all real-life employees of Mahindra. So it’s good thinking on the group’s part to showcase its women employees, making the Women’s Day spirit appear genuine and believable.

Zepto|Nahi Milega| Uncleji

This one by 10-min grocery delivery service, Zepto, builds on a typical Delhi-based character called Uncleji. Before this ad was released, Zepto launched Uncleji’s character, which became an instant hit on social media. It had got about 10 Million impressions across all social media platforms with 10% engagement and trended at number 6 on Twitter. It was even shared by popular Twitter celebs like CricCrazyJohns, dudeitsokay, and shreemiverma and Instagram Meme pages on Trolls Official, Emo Bois of India, Log Kya Sochenge, Ghantaa, and Adult Society.

Created by Meme Marketing Agency, Youngun, the popularity of the character depicts that reality, be it real-life characters or scenarios like Uncleji and his ‘Nahi Milega’ comment, always touches the heart of the audience.

Eveready Lighting | Iss light se sab kuch bright | Give Me Red |

Selfie lovers and their incessant search for the perfect lighting has been aptly captured in this March campaign from Eveready. Created by Rediffusion, the ad presents the digiLED collection from the brand highlighting the luminosity aspect. The ad is targeted at GenZers and Millennials. Showcasing the innovative product feature of brightness, the ad’s relevance is surely going to strike a chord with the targeted group.

Relaunch of Campa Cola with a New Packaging

The Campa Cola was launched about 50 years back. But the all-new Campa Cola has got a revamp with new packaging that’s aimed at getting traction from the youth. The rebranded Cola has a deep purple colored body that speaks of a confident personality. The use of the red color and the logotype font resonate with the bold trendy stance that the brand wants to depict. The rebranded packaging has been done by Elephant.

That’s all from us today. We’ll be back with the next roundup next month.

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