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November 2022: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

The cold has set in. There’s the hint of chill in the air and don’t we all love this cooler, friendlier weather? This is also the perfect time to plan for the upcoming holidays – a trip down memory lane, or a backpack on-the-road journey to the mountains or beaches.

With November now over, we are back with our monthly round-up of the best marketing campaigns from the month gone by.

Want to see a brilliant piece of work? Have a look.

Truly remarkable! And, it’s so simple, to the point. Intelligent way of working around the brand logo. Hats off to the creative team because sometimes you need to #DoNothing because the entire world is doing your work for you.

#WhatWeNurtureGrows by Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation

The Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation works with farmers at the grassroots level helping them get better yields. This special edition pack features some of the farm heroes with their names, as an ode to their hard work and zeal.

An excellent example of campaigns showcasing traceability – connecting the source to the end-users.

Otrivin Breathe Clean Campaign

Otrivin highlighted breathing clean this Children’s Day. 1,000 kids writing open letters using a special pencil asking adults to pause for a moment and gift their clean air. The special pencils have been made from the by-products of pollution waste as part of the brand’s Pollution Capture Pencils.

Great thought by Otrivin and Grey Group, the ad agency.

Byju’s | The Best Teacher | Letter To Messi

While Byju’s decision to feature Messi in their ad had its part of controversies in the current circumstances, the ad definitely is worth watching. Has a beautiful script with a simple yet moving message.

Nice work by Byju’s team!

Dunzo’s #InternationalMen’s Day Ad

Breaking stereotypes, Dunzo came out with ‘Mard ko dard hota hai’ Instagram post on 19th November, International Men’s Day. It calls out for males to be happy and break the image of ‘the complete man.’ Have a look:

Another amusing one from Burger King on International Men’s Day

Don’t miss the essence though! The message is comical on the surface but says a lot about how men are portrayed in society.

Great piece of work by both brands. Keep up Dunzo and Burger King!

Cleartrip’s Clear Advantage

We’ll end this month’s round-up with two Cleartrip ads. What to say – the ads are good because there’s humour here, an aspect that many brands seem to overlook these days when making their ad campaigns. Will the ads work? No one knows for sure, but they do put a smile on your face, which is not a small feat!

That’s all for this time. We’ll see you again soon with the round-up of the best marketing campaigns from December 2022.

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