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Top Seven Indian Sales & Marketing Start-ups to Watch Out For

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Start-ups have been taking the Indian economy by storm. After all, in the global start-up ecosystem, India occupies the third rank. Even though many start-ups may have taken the exit route in a couple of years, there are quite a few that are navigating newer territories and charting new stories.

In our article today, we will list seven sales & marketing start-ups in India that have created a niche for themselves in the start-up scenario.

This is a new-gen sales incentive platform that helps keep in-house sales and channel partners motivated. It helps organizations manage multiple incentive and commission plans smartly and effectively. Plus, there are real-time user and admin dashboards, a point & budget management system, cash products, 500+ digital reward programs, and more.

My Incentives is a perfect solution for handling multi-stakeholders – in-house sales, channel sales, influencers, and retail stores.

Take user engagement to another level with CleverTap. With the help of AI and ML, you can drive omnichannel engagement through the mobile, web, and in-app. You can get real-time analytics, automated user segmentation, journey orchestration, and campaign and lifecycle optimization.

Some of the advantages of the system include data processing at agile speeds, offering unlimited storage capacity that is secure and offers incredible performance.

This is fast becoming one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India. Oxedent specializes in the entire gamut of digital ads management with impressive e-commerce solutions. Be it LinkedIn ads, Google Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization, Amazon PPC Management, Google Analytics Consulting, Google Shopping & Feed Management, A/B testing, Landing Page Optimization, or Facebook ads, the team is responsible for delivering measurable results at reduced cost per acquisition to its clients. The company is currently working with domestic and international clients.

This is a relatively new entry into the Indian start-up ecosystem. UnoTag is a SaaS start-up founded in 2019. With the help of its proprietary platform called Mok, the company helps its clients augment growth. The AI-driven platform uses gamification aspects like points, goals, fantasy leagues, and badges to up the game. The centralized leader board helps the sales team drive focused efforts in achieving their goals.

MindTickle is Bengaluru-based with an office in San Francisco. It is a SaaS platform created to make the sales department more productive. The platform uses the latest techniques of micro and social learning, gamification, etc., and works based on your business data in real time.

The platform produces interesting results in terms of increased revenues and incorporates realistic feedback received from customers.

This is another platform dedicated to rewards and recognition, incentives for sales, and channel partners. It also helps weave in marketing promotions for end customers. It is easy to use and scalable. Engagement and motivation are given further boost due to its plug-and-play mode. The intuitive platform has earned a good name for itself in the past few years.

This is an AI-fueled platform created for making effective and best sales. This platform can be used to get real-time data and insight into interactions between salespeople and customers. It also gives visibility into the performance of sales personnel during sales calls, presentations, and webinars. Plus, there’s chatbot-assisted coaching, competency reports, simulated assessments, and more. This Bangalore-based start-up was founded in 2018.

There are many more Indian start-ups doing fantastic work in the sales and marketing niche. For today, these are our choicest seven start-ups to watch out for.

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Superb post! Lead generation is best accomplished through digital marketing services in Surat

. I appreciate you providing this useful information.


Abhik Maitra (SEO expert Kolkata)
Abhik Maitra (SEO expert Kolkata)

I Really Proud of Oxedent. They are too good at PPC Marketing. They driving lots of "BABSA" to the Business Owners.

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