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Refund & Cancellation Policy

(“Indian Business Council”, "BIGCLOUT MEDIA LLP") Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy
Any payment done on the website will not be refunded. However, the amount paid can be adjusted against nominations for other awards programs. The amount adjustment is valid only up to 12 months after the payment is done Any extra amount paid for bulk nominations on the website (in case of 5 or more entries) will also be adjusted against additional entries in the same event or equivalent participation in future events.

Cancellation Policy
Entries once submitted with the payment can be cancelled by the submitting party anytime before the end of nomination period. However, the payment will not be refunded. Entries can be cancelled/annulled by the organizer if the details provided are found to be incorrect or misleading in any way. The amount paid will not be refunded. In case of any dispute between the client and the agency regarding the entry(ies) submitted, all related nominations will get cancelled without any refund.

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