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D-SERVE: Digital Services Awards And Conference

The digital services industry is rapidly evolving in India and outside. It is set to disrupt the entire commercial and industrial spectrum in the immediate future. Innovation is the key differentiator in digital services.

D-SERVE, an initiative by the Indian Business Council (IBC), aims to bring forth the latest from the digital services industry, be it financial services, technology services, marketing services, consumer services, or content services. It is the best place to highlight cutting-edge solutions, processes, and methodologies created and adopted by providers across multiple industries and sectors.

The Awards program recognizes individuals and organizations that have been doing credible work in this gamut. Leaders and visionaries from the industry get together under one roof to discuss the way forward, celebrate achievements, and recognize field-specific excellence at this prestigious event.

The Award categories are:

To nominate for this prestigious honour, click here.


Madhumita Bhattacharya

Marketing and Alliances - Lead | Indian Business Council

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