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NaME: National Marketing Excellence Awards

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Those that ask - “What’s in a name?” probably do not fathom the value of a Brand in the marketplace. It takes years of consistent hard work, extensive research, smart strategies, and meticulous execution by the marketing minds to establish a Brand NaME.

The National Marketing Excellence (NaME) Awards is an initiative by the Indian Business Council (IBC) to recognise the brands, agencies as well as individuals that have set benchmarks in the industry with their marketing campaigns. Join the league of the most valued marketing entities in the country. Indeed, a lot is in the NaME!

Submit your nominations for India’s Premier Marketing Honor:

“If you have exemplary marketing and advertising campaigns and case-studies, NaME Awards will bring them to national attention.”




Savi Chauhan | Marketing and Alliances - Lead Indian Business Council +91 8830547785 |

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