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10 Best Moment Marketing Campaigns You Shouldn't Miss

Moment Marketing has been around for quite some time, but of late, brands are taking it to the next level.

Moment Marketing is a smart and quickly devised endeavour to influence the moment of truth - where brands take advantage of real-time events and happenings to push customer engagements and interactions.

The pros of moment marketing are multiple. From tapping customers at the right moment to keeping your brand high on customer recall and establishing a connection with them, there’s a lot to gain from.

So here are some of the best Moment Marketing ads. Take a look.


Amul, the king of moment marketing

Amul does it time and again. Any incident in real life, happy or sad, the brand is quick to come up with creative billboards with tones varying from hilarious to admonishing. The credit goes to Amul’s internal marketing team for being so event-cognizant and forthright.

These are some brilliant depictions:

Amul moment marketing ad_Indian Business Council
Amul ad when Pushpa movie became a rage

This one was released to celebrate the success of the South Indian movie Pushpa. Focus on the clever use of words!

Amul ad_Ukraine war_Indian Business Council
Amul ad in response to the Ukraine war

Another interesting one is snubbing Shark Tank’ Ashneer Grover. Ashneer rejected Niti’s proposal for reversible clothing. Not just that, he slammed her business proposal and advised her to dump it completely.

Ashneer Grover_Indian Business Council
Amul ad on Ashneer's comment on Shark Tank


Bisleri's moment of truth during Chandrayaan-2's launch

‘Har Space Mission Chandrayaan 2 Nahi, Har Pani Ki Bottle Bisleri Nahi.’ Says it all! Creative, relevant, and bang on the mark.

Bisleri's smart take on moment marketing


Fevicol’s quirky series of moment marketing ads

The brand has used different occasions to emphasize the capabilities of its products. Creative to the core; these are iconic examples of Moment Marketing.


Faasos's commitment to delivering even during the Mumbai outage

Indian food-on-demand company Faasos charms with its candid sense of humor. During power outages in Mumbai a few years back, the company came up with the one-liner - 'Andheri or Andhera, we're still delivering.'


Dove's thoughtful ad during Covid-19

Saluting front-line workers, Dove put out the message, 'Courage is Beautiful'. It is a perfect example of Moment Marketing - grabbing attention from the masses, highlighting the fearlessness and devotion of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals working 24x7 in the face of adversity. The ad ends with Dove's endeavor to support Direct Relief, an organization working for healthcare workers.


Budweiser's sensitive ad for the victims of 9/11

It's the Respect Ad from the brand that presented the first version in 2002 and a new version in 2021, marking the 20th anniversary of the tragic incident.

While this incident cannot be termed as the perfect ground for a brand to take advantage of through Moment Marketing, Budweiser handled it well. Aptly called '20 years later, we'll never forget,' the ad depicts a stud of Clydesdale horses bowing down their heads at the Liberty State Park in New Jersey. The Light Installation tribute glows in the backdrop. The ad ends with Budweiser's support for the 9/11 Memorial & Museum - touching the right chords!


India's indomitable brand presents an amazing example of Moment Marketing. Released just before Women's Day in 2017, the ad featured women of different sizes and skin tones, conveying that every woman is free to choose what to wear.


India's homegrown brand came out with this unique ad on Women's Day where women are encouraged to share their story and get selected for a BIBA-sponsored course. The essence of Women's Day gets viably amplified as the brand aims to empower women with courses like English speaking, life coaching, web design, etc.


Uber thanks users for not using its services

Unbelievable, but a brand that needs users to book rides actually thanked them for not doing so. When did they do so? During the Covid-19 lockdown in the US.

The ad says, ‘Thank You For Not Riding Uber.’

The footage has it all: empty streets, people at home, working from home. The brand reminds people to stay indoors because that is in the best interest of their health.

Perfect timing!


Samsonite's #EkDinKiChutti | Let's travel to vote

India is a big country, and it is no joke when it goes for the Lok Sabha elections. Countrymen travel to and fro across the diverse landscape for livelihood. As the world's biggest democracy went to vote, Samsonite, the largest luggage company, encouraged people to take a leave from work for a day and fulfill their responsibility as citizens - the ad gives a nudge to viewers to go back to their hometowns so that they can vote.




Marketing trends change so fast. Moment Marketing is trending at the moment - just the right time for brands to find the perfect story in real-time and weave it into their brand narrative.

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