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April 2023: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

The first month of FY 2023-24 has come and gone. Some brands stood out, making a difference in the way they created memorable campaigns. Here’s a recap of the best ones from April 2023.

JioMart | Shopping Aisa, India Jaisa

We Indians are known to rock when it comes to our emotions - not always high-voltage, but definitely dramatic. So, when it comes to buying a bat for your brother’s under-19 trial, you can always expect help or two, especially if it’s a neighborhood game store. This ad is a celebration of these emotions because shopping is, after all, a relationship, meaning ‘Shopping ek rishta hai.’

Bisleri | Greener Promise

This ad has a lovable green bird that highlights how Bisleri integrates sustainable practices with its commercial operations to create a greener planet. The brand recycles PET bottles to make clothes, school bags, and benches. Harvests rainwater and helps conserve water by building check dams for farmers, and many more such tasks to fulfill the Greener Promise. With a gentle background score and beautiful shots, the initiatives seem to strike a chord with the viewer.

Spinny | Go Far For Your Squad

This is another Indian telltale sign of dosti, camaraderie, and fun. Three top former Indian cricketers come together for the ad, which in itself is a refreshing idea. While the association between second-hand vehicles and the three wealthy superstars may seem a bit out of tune, the ad itself is memorable, thanks to the way the three have teamed up - for the sake of ‘Squad Goal’!

Now, from the international world of advertisements:

Mash Direct

Want to smell like your favorite vegetable? Mash Direct, a brand that makes vegetable accompaniments in the US, has come with a novel perfume collection that smells like their bestselling dishes or vegetables. The product range and the campaigns were launched on April Fools’ Day! ;)

Gousto: Making Space Travel Friendly

Yes, if you are planning a vacation in the space or have a deep-diving holiday in place, Gusto will help your taste buds and gut stay satiated with its new product called the Gousto Xtreme. The new recipe box is targeted at deep-sea divers, space travelers, and forest explorers. It is the innovative technology that is the key differentiator here - a vacuum sealing methodology that will keep food fresh in extreme circumstances.

`Uber Eats’ Ramadan Special Campaign

In the UK, Uber Eats had a couple of digital out-of-home activations running simultaneously, displaying a countdown to sunset in different cities for the day. Alongside, the billboards also showcased some of the favorite Iftar dishes for the community. Something new and fresh while also ensuring traction from the audience!

That’s all from us for this month. See you all again in June 2023!

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