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May 2023: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

This time, in our monthly round-up, we will feature a special section on Mother’s Day. Presenting here the round-up of the best marketing campaigns for this month.

A commendable initiative by Starbucks on inclusivity. The brand has beautifully woven the concept of “It starts with your name” in the campaign. The objective of the ad is to target an open-minded section of society, especially the millennial and Gen-Z crowd. The #ItStartsWithYourName is an endeavor from the brand to extend love and acceptance to individuals for who they are.

Have a look:

Inclusivity has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years. Though there’s a lot of ground to cover, it’s good to see that brands are trying to weave this concept into their storyline.

Flite from Relaxo:#SarUthaKadamBadha

Based on a true story, Flite’s ad talks of how one needs to have faith in one’s dreams to realize them. This is the story of National Award-winning lyricist and screenplay writer Varun Grover who fought his way against all odds to establish himself as a writer.

Inspirational story, of course. An uplifting background score and the final shot of Varun Grover himself lend the ad a stamp of authenticity, making it different from the others.

Selected Mother's Day Ads

Catch Spices, DS Group #KyunkiKhanaSirfKhanaNahiHota

This seems to be the season for true stories. Brands are getting inspired by real-life stories. This is another one, this time from DS Spices, the makers of Catch products. The short film, titled #MaaKaEhsaas, portrays the struggles and sacrifices moms make every day. In this case, the mother-daughter connection is unique because the backdrop of the storyline is not ordinary.

This one is for the real-life mother’s journey!

Watch it here:

Mumbai Police

‘Your life matters’ was the slogan by Mumbai Police with a creatively-designed message about drunken driving and drugs on Twitter. Short, crisp, but delivers with a punch! Nice one.


An everyday story with emotions added as spice, this one gives the desi vibes to one of the world’s most talked-about topics today - AI or Artificial Intelligence. Again, intelligent writing and presentation on how AI can do almost everything but can’t replace the human touch, the mother’s touch!

Philips & Sania Mirza

Showcasing the battle moms face daily from various quarters, Sania takes on the different opponents with the agility and aggressiveness that she is known for. Kudos to the brand for presenting a mother’s perspective.

Equitas Small Finance Bank: Circle of Life

Another true story from down South. Interestingly, Equitas Bank features Revathi and her daughter with the narrative from Revathi herself. It makes her story believable and credible.

From being abandoned by her husband and left to fend for herself and her kids without any money, the transformation is incredible but realistic. It is nice to see new-age brands trying to make a difference in a common man’s life.

This one is for the brand….we hope to see more such transformative journeys from Equitas Bank!

That’s all for today. We will be back with the roundup from June next month.

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