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10 Global Marketers You Must Follow on LinkedIn

With geographical boundaries no longer a limitation, and LinkedIn having increased reach and accessibility to professionals, learning from global marketers and following their work has become truly easy. Today, we will talk about 10 such global marketers that have created a unique space for themselves in the industry. We love to read what they write. You should check them out too.

1. Amanda Natividad

From a writer to an editor and then editorial producer, Amanda has embraced marketing as her lifeline. Today, she enjoys writing for Adweek and works as VP of Marketing at SparkToro. An expert on influencer marketing, Amanda covers the topic extensively in her blogs on Adweek about how brands can benefit when notable influencers pick their products, and how followers and customers can be good brand influencers. She also talks about newer marketing tactics and tools like Permissionless Marketing, demand generation, and more.

2. Dave Gerhardt

Dave is a B2B marketer at heart and is working towards making this gamut stronger. To this end, he is a B2B start-up advisor, has started a media company called Exit Five, and has a podcast with the same name. His podcasts are well appreciated by peers, experts, and the B2B marketing community as he propounds the message that B2B marketing is not taught at schools. Besides this, he coaches marketing teams, lectures at the Harvard Business School, and works with brands to build them stronger.

His personal blog is

3. Justin Ramb

Justin’s passion has been his out-of-box thinking that he channelizes to do some incredible work with brands like Marriott, GE, Warner Brothers, and more. As the President of BIGEYE, one of the leading ad agencies in the US, Justin’s focus is totally on creativity. You will find him talking and posting about innovative logos, packaging, ads, marketing campaigns, etc., on his LinkedIn profile. It makes for an interesting read coming from a person who knows the industry in and out.

4. Vartika Kashyap

As the Chief Marketing Officer of ProofHub, a project management software, Vartika’s major focus is to promote and create next-level marketing campaigns for the brand. But Vartika is also a committed writer who loves to write motivational content for her readers and inspire them to aim higher in their corporate careers. For example, her article “6 things to do to be ahead of 99% of the leaders” on was very well received by the audience. She contributes her literary talent to platforms like The Huffington Post, YourStory, Thrive Global,, etc., regularly.

5. Juntae DeLane

Los Angeles-based Junta is a speaker, podcaster, and above all, a core digital marketer. His podcast called The Digital Branding Lab is one-of-its-kind. He is, in the true sense, a digital branding evangelist as most of his work is centered around making his audiences and clients aware of digital branding and tools. His love for this niche has resulted in the birth of the Digital Branding Institute. He also works as a Sr. Digital Brand Manager for the University of Southern California and is the principal consultant and strategist for DIGITAL DELANE.

6. Dennis Shiao

Dennis is an out-and-out content lover. Owner of Attention Retention, a B2B marketing agency, Dennis is a hands-on guy in martech. With a background in IT and a creative person at heart, Dennis is an expert in product, content, and social media marketing. He is a recognized contributor with the CMSWire and was awarded the 2020 CM World Community Champion Award from Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Don’t miss his acclaimed write-up on ‘4 Tools to Make You a Content Curating Master’ at

7. Sangram Vajre

Sangram is an entrepreneur and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author. His book MOVE: the 4-question go-to-market framework is a step-by-step guide for all go-to-market leaders. His entire thrust is on inspiring people to achieve something greater – from leadership to belongship, dreamers and doers to become peak performers, becoming a CMO, and more.

Besides, Sangram has a podcast that has been renamed MOVE, earlier known as FlipMyFunnel, and has over half a million downloads to its credit.

8. Chris Moody

A regular blogger at, Chris is one marketer who believes in keeping up with the changing times, especially in a volatile industry like marketing. He shares his experiences as a marketer regularly and is one of the top speakers in the industry, also recognized by MarketingProfs B2B rating him at 4.8 out of a 5.

Visit his blog and you can learn a lot from his marketing experiences, lessons that he learned, mistakes that he made, and now helping others, especially the new ones in the field get a hold of the real world.

9. Ann Handley

As a Chief Content Officer, Ann’s professional world revolves around content, of course! It is no mean feat that she has been recognized by Forbes Woman as the Top 20 women bloggers and one of the most influential women in social media. Ann’s newsletter is a must-read for every upcoming marketer – there are useful writing tips, ideas, and a novel outlook on multiple aspects. If you cannot catch her live sessions as a speaker, you can read her blog to stay inspired and look at marketing from a newer perspective.

10. Nadya Khoja

Nadya believes in delivering real results. And, that she does with the help of data and impressive stories. As an SEO and content marketer, you will find her posting newsletters on her LinkedIn profile about content creation, for example, don’t miss her write-ups ‘46 Expert Tips on Creating Immersive Content’ and ‘Here’s why you shouldn’t create new content.’



That’s our recommended list of ten global marketers you should follow to learn and stay updated.

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