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10 Indian SaaS Marketers You Must Follow on LinkedIn Right Away

2021 was ‘the year’ for Indian software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

We witnessed a 100% increase in exits in 2021 over 2018.

13 SaaS companies became unicorns!

The future definitely looks awesome for SaaS companies…

And for SaaS marketers too!

Interestingly, SaaS marketing is not something any of us learn in college. And it does not come with a playbook!

Most of the marketers are picking up the art on-the-job with the world witnessing some really innovative and brilliant ideas coming out from these marketing folks.

For those who are interested in SaaS marketing, here are a few people you must follow on Linkedin right now (in no particular order).


Rohit Srivastav, Founding Member - Kula

Let's just say he has got tons of knowledge and experience of the SaaS world and he proactively shares it with his online community too. Find him on LinkedIn, subscribe to his newsletter, or attend one of his short courses.


Sharan Suresh, Director - Marketing at Chargebee

Sharan can easily be every SaaS marketers' envy having worked for and built some amazing brands. Follow him to get interesting snippets on SaaS marketing. From personal experiences to intriguing questions and interesting resources, he has things to say that will make you dig deep into topics.


Sanjana Murali, Product Marketing Manager at Leadfeeder

Sanjana has gotten some incredible people to share their experiences on B2B marketing, content, and video marketing on her Youtube channel. Plus, she shares bite-sized knowledge snippets for the world to consume on her Linkedin page.


Arjun Pillai, SVP - Products & Growth at ZoomInfo

2 years of experimental failures with 4 products. Building out a fifth product and growing it to 100,000+ users from 150 countries which was later acquired. Arjun Pillai is not a SaaS marketer exactly but a serial entrepreneur. And he has a bunch of interesting, up-to-date insights to share about startups, B2B businesses, and marketing.


Sairam Krishnan, Marketer-in-residence at Accel

In one simple sentence - subscribe to Sairam's The CMO Journal and enjoy some great reads in the SaaS marketing space. There are opinions, deep-dives, how-tos and so much more there.


Siddharth Sharma, Head of Marketing at

Be it about marketing, managing a team, or workplace culture and mental health, Siddharth has some really powerful things to say that you would like to hear if you are a SaaS marketer or not.


Sadhana Balaji, Brand Marketing at Freshworks

If you want to master the knack of B2B SaaS writing, Sadhana is your person. She has written for Chargebee, SaaSBOOMi, and now for Freshworks. Sadly for us, she isn't as active as the rest on Linkedin but we wish to see more. And here's putting out the word!


Pradyut Hande, Lead - Product Marketing at Insider

Pradyut writes, speaks at events, and also runs a podcast, The Martechno Beat. His LinkedIn draws parallels from his personal life, has snack-able marketing knowledge, and much more. Spend a good half-day scrolling through his feed.


Pooja Sriram, Lead- Brand Marketing at Chargebee

She's got great social media strategies for B2B SaaS companies. She's a proud marketer and mother. Follow her to gain insights into every aspect of a marketer - personal and professional.


Swetha Murali, Product GTM at Chili Piper

She's got a voice in B2B SaaS marketing that you shouldn't miss. Her insights and articles are a must-read! With LinkedIn becoming a crowded space, Swetha seems to have taken a slight backstep, but hopefully, we can get her to start posting and sharing more of her experiences.

That's from our side.

Know of other thought leaders in the space we should listen to?

Share with us in the comments below.

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