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10 Indian Tech Startup Founders You Must Follow in 2022

For all you entrepreneurial minds out there, we have compiled a list of 10 tech startup founders you must follow on social media. They are actively sharing their experiences, learning, and life stories that are relatable, inspiring, and insightful.

Check them out!


Kartik Mandaville, CEO - Springworks

Kartik, Founder of Springworks for Indian Business Council
A snippet from Kartik's LinkedIn page

Kartik went viral when he announced to the world that he is reducing the notice period at Springworks to just two weeks. And ever since, he has been actively sharing some great insights to building and nurturing a great workplace culture - all from his own first-hand experiences.

Follow him if you are interested in: workplace culture, building startup teams, and people management.


Priyanka Gill, Co-founder - Good Glamm Group

Priyanka Gill, Founder Good Glamm Group for Indian Business Council
A sneak peek into Priyanka's social presence

Good Glamm Group is growing and creating a niche for itself, and leading this journey is Priyanka Gill. A woman leader helming a digital-first approach, Priyanka's got a unique bunch of experience to share and is also an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Must we also say that it is lovely to see her applaud the success of fellow entrepreneurs!

Follow her if you are interested in: women in business, entrepreneurship, content marketing and influencer marketing.


Sanjeev Barnwal, Founder & CTO - Meesho

Sanjeev Barnwal, CTO of Meesho for Indian Business Council
One of Sanjeev's many thoughts on entrepreneurship

Meesho is a success story and for someone who has been the mind, heart, and soul of building it out, there is more than just two cents of knowledge to share. Sanjeev talks and writes about Meesho's success, shares snippets of advice, and insights into how Meesho is growing alongside co-founder, Vidit Aatrey.

Follow him if you are interested in: the tech-side of the business, startup advice, team management.


Prukalpa, Co-founder - Atlan

Prukalpa, co-founder of Atlan for Indian Business Council
A snippet from Prukalpa's LinkedIn page

Prukalpa is building the modern data workspace with Atlan and this isn't the first startup she has built. Imagine all that experience of building out two startups in the data space, she's someone you'll have a bunch to learn from.

Follow her if you are interested in: data, governance, analytics, startups, and leadership


Anshuman Singh, Co-founder - Scaler Academy

Anshuman Singh from Scaler Academy for Indian Business Council
Anshuman Singh shares his views on social media

Education, motivation, edtech and building a product, Anshuman Singh has first-hand experience and insights to share with his network. He definitely seems to be breaking some barriers and busting some myths in the space of education and it definitely gives you a perspective on what having a great vision can mean for founders.


Vinay Agrrawal, Founder - Hubbler

Vinay Agrrawal, Founder Hubbler for Indian Business Council
Vinay on 'solving problems'

A serial entrepreneur who is focused on 'solving problems' with automation. Vinay shares interesting nuggets of knowledge and experience with his social media network.

Follow him if you are interested in: products, nocode revolution, automation, entrepreneurship and digital acceleration.


Kunal Shah, Founder - CRED

Kunal Shah from CRED for Indian Business Council
Kunal Shah shares...

He needs no introduction. From Freecharge to CRED, Kunal's got tons of experience to share and he does so very actively! From life advice to financial wellness and startup insights, Kunal's not just got great stuff to share but also has an active network of people whose insights too you can read in his posts' comments.

Follow him if you are interested in: motivational thoughts, startup advice, financial wellness, leadership.


Nithin Kamath, Founder & CEO - Zerodha

Nithin Kamath from Zerodha for Indian Business Council
A peek into Nithin's social presence

He speaks his mind and shares perspectives that not a lot of startup founders do, which is great! Nithin also writes his thoughts on which you must check out.

Follow him if you are interested in: stock market, trading, entrepreneurship, and business knowledge.


Aishwarya Jaishankar, Co-founder - Hyperface Technologies

Aishwarya Jaishankar from Hyperface for Indian Business Council
Aishwarya on what makes an entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs are truly transforming the fintech space and Aishwarya Jaishankar is one of them. She is passionate about banking and money management, and can't help but innovate and disrupt in her roles. And that's everything she talks about too!

Follow her if you are interested in: fintech, banking, product, entrepreneurship and more.


Radhika Ghai, Founder & CEO -

Radhika Ghai from Shopclues for Indian Business Council
Radhika Ghai & kindlife in news

Radhika founded and is her second foray into entrepreneurship. She is a proud woman serial entrepreneur who is creating a marketplace for organic products with kindlife. Pssst...pssst...she is an angel investor too!

So follow her if you are interested in: entrepreneurship, startup, funding, and more.

That's our list of tech founders you must watch out for in 2022 - learn from them, join hands with them, and celebrate their successes.

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