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10 Indian Women Influencers You Must Follow on LinkedIn in 2022

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

We found a bunch of really amazing women on LinkedIn doing some awesome work in their respective spaces, breaking barriers, challenging conventional beliefs, and sharing their experiences with other people.

With Women's Day around the corner, we wanted to carve out this space to show gratitude to each of them who are inspiring us with their grit, determination, courage, and authenticity.

Let's jump right in.


Ankita Vashishtha - Founder, StrongHer Ventures

Ankita Vashishtha is a proud venture capitalist who dares to call out biases against women in the space and encourages other women investors to speak up and stand out.

She has invested in more than 100 companies and talks extensively about female founders, funding, venture capital, and more.

Ankita earlier founded the Saha Fund to invest in women entrepreneurship and technology. So if you think venture capital, private equity, etc. are conversations best had with men, think again.


Lakshmi Devan - Head of Content, Infeedo

Lakshmi brings a welcome tinge of humor to the otherwise serious LinkedIn platform. She talks extensively about mental health, workplace culture, marketing, and content in her own quirky way.

Not the one to shy away from sharing personal stories or hide behind a professional mask, she stands out for keeping things very real and human.


Bhavna Suresh - Cofounder & CEO, 10club

She is a serial entrepreneur who built out StyleBank, Lamudi Philippines, and now, 10club.

She raised $40 million in seed funding for 10club last year.

But that's not just it.

Bhavna also has a strong perspective and is a much-needed voice when it comes to women empowerment. Her LinkedIn post on women having the choice to make decisions about their own body shared through the lens of a personal experience was widely appreciated by people.

She openly talks about the rollercoaster ride of being an entrepreneur, is unafraid to question and point out gender biases, and has some great thoughts for aspiring women entrepreneurs.


Madhura DasGupta Sinha - CEO & Founder, Aspire for Her

She is on a mission to change the diversity equation of our country. Through her organization, Madhura speaks up, takes a stand, and drives actions to advance women's economic justice and rights.

Before being a full-time entrepreneur, Madhura spent 25 years in the banking industry holding numerous roles.

During the peak of COVID, she led the #NotAlone initiative to help women who lost the only earning member in the family.

Madhura talks extensively about women empowerment, career for women, and other inspirational notes, which you shouldn't miss!


Monika Halan - Author, Let's Talk Money & Seven Steps to Financial Freedom

Finance and women are not at two opposite ends of a spectrum and Monika Halan will be one of the firsts to agree. A personal finance writer, speaker, author, and adjunct professor, Monika's expertise is such that she is a trusted advisor and voice to making the right financial decisions.

Monika may not be as active on Linkedin as we would have liked her to be, but you can always follow her work and commentary on Twitter and her blog.


Kriti Poonia - Cofounder, Relove

She stands at the intersection of sustainable fashion, artisan empowerment and scaling small businesses. Kriti was an engineer first, the CEO of Okhai next and now manages an ethical, artisan-led online store for mindful fashion buyers.

Kriti too, like others, points out conscious and unconscious gender bias, advocates for the conservation of mother nature, and shares her experiences as an entrepreneur.


Krusha Sahjwani Malkani - Director & Head of Asia - Sociabble

Krusha isn't just the Director and Head of Asia at Sociabble, she is also the co-founder of The Pink Thread, an author, and a life coach.

If you catch her on LinkedIn, you'll find some great insights on writing, employee advocacy and communication, being a woman in the corporate world, and snippets of her personal life and learning.


Kesiah Korah - Founder, Lyynk

Kesiah has always seen herself being an entrepreneur but starting Lyynk happened purely by accident. From helping a family friend to market themselves on LinkedIn to building out an agency that helps brands and individuals with LinkedIn marketing, Kesiah has breathed life into the opportunity.

But that's not it. Kesiah is building a tech product that helps remove toxicity from workplace culture and we are waiting!


Gauri Das - Head HR, India Factoring & Finance Solutions Pvt Ltd

She is an engineer turned HR with an educational background in psychology. And that explains why her posts on LinkedIn are very human, introspective, and real.

Gauri is one of those people who readily helps and mentors students and young professionals to grow in their careers, networks and shares her experience with others, and is also on the advisory panel of various institutes and NGOs.


Kanchan Chanana - Senior Manager, Global Strategy, Philip Morris International

Kanchan is a proud woman in the male-dominated STEM space and she is making her presence felt, speaking for more inclusivity and diversity.

Her LinkedIn is full of personal experiences and insights. And she talks extensively on topics such as women in STEM, inclusivity, strategy, and transformation.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, sticking to the golden number 10 has been hard.

There are so many inspiring women out there we would like to include here. Maybe this list will only be a start to celebrating the works and life of more and more Indian women.

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