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February 2022: The Five Best Marketing Campaigns That Caught Our Attention

Well, February was a lot about Valentine's Day. Some brands endorsed the lovey-dovey-ness of the season and others supported the singles.

But which brands, their marketing campaigns, and ads did we love the most? Were they all about Valentine's day?

Let's find out.

1. Cadbury Perk - #Perkdisclaimers

Hats off to the brand for taking on the cancel culture in such a fun and light-hearted way and encouraging others to do the same.

To be honest, we think the campaign could have easily gone south, but the brand and its partner, Ogilvy took a chance - a chance well worth it.

What we loved: The courage to take a stance, the medium chosen - as disclaimer before popular videos, and the way it all ties back to the tag line - #lighthojao

Check the campaign out!

2. Ariel - #Seeequal

Ariel has been urging men to share the load of household chores through its #sharetheload ad series for a while now. This month, they released the 5th edition of it in partnership with BBDO India and should we say, 'what a message!'

It takes on unconscious gender biases in a very hard-hitting way. And we think, Ariel just leveled up its game with this ad.

What we loved: The ability to capture something that is potentially commonplace but hard to see and even harder to speak about.

3. #Twosday memes

Getting to see a palindrome and ambigram in a date, 22.02.2022, was an exciting event for all of us. Add to it, it fell on a Tuesday (read: twosday)!

Do you think brands would let such a day go by unnoticed! Check out some of the best memes that day.

Google India for Indian Business Council
Google India's twosday meme

Amazon Prime for Indian Business Council
Amazon Prime's twosday meme

Swiggy for Indian Business Council
Swiggy's take on twosday

4. OYO - #Letlovein

Guess only one valentine's day campaign made it to our list and that's by OYO.

OYO's entire campaign messaging was around Valentine's Day falling on a Monday.

A good relief from the Monday blues, should we say.

The ad was created by Studio Eeksaurus.

What we loved: An interesting play around Valentine's falling on a Monday.

5. Thums Up

Shah Rukh Khan posted a thums up ad on his profile. But what really makes this ad intriguing is the fact that people are speculating if it is a teaser to his look in the upcoming movie, Pathan.

Is that a mere speculation or is there some truth to it?

Only time will tell. Till then, enjoy the last ad in our February roundup.

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