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10 Most Iconic Product Videos Ever

Creativity at its best, some product videos leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind. Here are ten such beautifully crafted videos, honest efforts, and novel ideas!

1. Google Chrome

What can you do with Google Chrome? Browse, search, connect, etc. This product video from Google narrates an innocent touching story of a father capturing moments of his newborn daughter and her growing-up years. Simple, down-to-earth, and most importantly, the seamless visual display does all the talking!

There's Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube - an all-in-one product video. Informative, yes, but more than that, user-centric and relatable.

Inspiration for brands to keep their product videos effortless, easy to understand, and being focused on a holistic picture.

2. Toyota

Toyota made this animated product video for the Paris Motor Show. One of the striking things about the video is the innovative see-through of all the products offered by the brand, more or less.

Titled 'Stories for Better,' Toyota uses paper models to enforce the brand message, showcase the USPs of the best of its car models category-wise and present an intro to the new model before launch. It ends the video with the brand promise of its commitment to excellence.

You cannot stop admiring the creative team's ingenuity after watching it. Powerful, specific, and visually appealing!

3. Samsung

The recently launched Samsung S22 Ultra's official introduction film is an excellent example of synchronizing intricate technical details with a believable narrative. It's about unlimited possibilities focusing on S22's night capturing capabilities. Obviously, the brand uses this feature to showcase its dominance in the smartphone sector. The video weaves in the phone's nightography features flawlessly.

The video is iconic as it revolves around the biggest strengths of the product, dishes out the technicalities, and connects it incredibly with what the common man understands well.

4. Ikea Place

IKEA PLACE App shows how users can navigate through the application with real-life experience of placing different furniture in their place. It's made with Augmented Reality, operable right from the users' smartphone. No fancy gadget is required to see how a chair or a sofa you have fallen in love with looks in your space.

The detailing of the video is laudable. The voiceover keeps it all very concise and up to the point.

5. Grammarly

The video of Grammarly has been created to address different audiences. The narrative captures the product in use, which is the greatest plus point of this video. Users can see how the writing tool helps correct sentences, grammar, and more in front of their eyes.

The video appeals to new customers by spotlighting all the product's best features.

The video is exemplary as the content addresses a typical user question - why do I need this?

6. Candu

Without any coding knowledge, customer service in the tech sector is just a middleman between customer feedback and the development team. Candu puts an end to it as it's the first no-code native web User Interface builder for SaaS ecosystems.

Brilliantly conceptualized and executed script, it is easy to comprehend the dilemmas surrounding the main lead. Realistic settings, the real-life scenarios are aptly captured!

There's one word to describe the video - encouraging. It inspires the viewer to indulge in their passion. After all, Blueprint is about taking some time out to pursue or learn something new, follow a pastime, or a long-lost hobby.

While the product itself is inspirational, the creators have laced the videos with similar stimuli goading you to follow your heart's passion.

8. Lip Bar

The Caffeine Concealer is the product that the brand is showcasing through the video. It is a true demo video where the real-life model shows how she uses the product in her daily routine. And she shows how to use the product in the DIY style.

It is not a stereotypical product video - it is a demo, so the user can see how to apply the product. The video successfully drives home the message - the ease of using the product can motivate the viewer to place an order for it.

9. Dream 11

The animated-cum-real life video stresses the point 'Khelo Football Dimag Se." It is an explainer video about what Dream11 is all about. Moving on, the message is on the face.

Even MS Dhoni, the influencer here, doesn't say a word. The 'Dimag se' point is still conveyed with so much conviction that you would want to try your hand at the app at least once.

10. Zapier

How can automation help the common man? You, me, anyone! Zapier comes up with the solution. The video highlights a few basic routine tasks that can be automated with Zapier. Any work that slows you down can be automated into Zap.

The video is a brilliant piece of work as it makes the viewer curious. What can Zapier do for me is the first thing that comes to mind. You automatically want to check out their website and learn more about Zapier. Missions accomplished for the brand!




That's our list of iconic videos that will leave every videomaker inspired!

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