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August 2022: Round up of best marketing campaigns this month

August is that period of the year when passions and patriotism run high. This year was India’s 75th Independence celebrations and there was a spirit of unity that connected all Indians. From the #Harghartiranga campaign to brands launching ads to reaffirm the zeal, here’s a round up from a month of some of the most remarkable and inspiring ads.

Special Ads from 15th August

We’ll start the round-up with three campaigns released on 15th August 2022. From innumerable ads, these three definitely stood out! Have a look. Let’s appreciate the creativity, the emotions and the honest endeavors of the brands in aligning with causes that has societal progress at the core. And, let’s stay inspired!


Here's an example of a brilliant ad copy released by Zomato on the occasion of India's 75th Independence Day. Truly Creative and bang-on-the-spot!

This is about hope – the lifeline of survival and growth!

ROBINHOOD ARMY’s Khaali Thaali

Speaks volume about abject poverty that haunts almost 2/3rd of Indians every day. The Robinhood Army has taken the onus of feeding 75 lakh meals throughout India on this occasion.

Bournvita’s short film on #TayyariJeetKi

Success and failures are two sides of the same coin. Both go hand-in-hand. Failures are meant to be the stepping stone to success as long as we do not accept defeat. The film stresses on the point - “Haarne main, aur haar manne main, bahut farak hota hai.” This film depicts the story of a mother inspiring her kids to stay determined.


When you have to tell the audience about your product offerings, what is the best way to do so? By drawing a comparison, of course! So, Isabion goes on to explain to the audience what an Indian marriage will be like without band-baaja, what a bike tyre will be like without air, or what a gulab jamun would be minus any sweetness. That’s exactly what Isabion is when it comes to fertilizers and crops of farmers helping in a healthy harvest – it is not an expenditure but a necessity!

Casio’s #LiveYourDream

Casiotone presents the #LiveYourDream campaign. Created by Tribes Communication and Rising Star Productions, the short film unravels the emotional struggle of choosing to live your dreams. You might have to do it alone at times but it’s worth a try!

All praises for a well-written and executed script. Have a look!

Zomato’s mocking banter ahead of India-Pakistan match

India faced Pakistan in the ongoing Asia Cup for the first time on 28th August, 2022. Zomato is fast becoming a top moment marketer. It did not leave the opportunity to rake up past memories.

In a 2019 World Cup match, India beat Pakistan in Old Trafford by 89 runs. It was a viral post that the Pakistani players were busy having burgers and pizzas a day before the match and that’s why they lost to India. Zomato stepped forward to take advantage of the opportunity by re-tweeting Pakistan Cricket’s post saying, "aaj raat ke kya plan? #burgerpizze."

That’s all for this time. We will come back yet again with the round-up for September in four weeks.

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