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December 2022: Round-up of the best marketing campaigns this month

Another year gone, a few landmarks achieved, some dreams unfinished. But no worries, as long as we stay inspired, no dream is unachievable, and no fear is unconquerable.

Having said that, it’s time for our monthly round-up of some of the best marketing campaigns from India. And, here we go!

Tested Like Samsonite | Amitabh Bachchan

Bringing in a stalwart like Amitabh Bachchan was more than a mere celebrity endorsement in this ad. The heights that Mr. Bachchan has reached could only be possible for someone who dared to stand up after every fall, spin, or thrust. And, same is the case with Samsonite as it draws a parallel between the two stories.

What works in the favor of the ad is the selection of the star who, as we all know, had his share of ups and downs but is a brand in himself today. And, at the of the day, isn’t it true that the more we are tested, the more we become?

Google For India | Built To Help | Project Relate

December was the month when Sunder Pichai attended the event ‘Google for India'. In this context, the search engine giant rolled out two campaigns - Built to Help and Project Relate. What is likable about both ads is the genuine sincerity of a brand that could have gone with the highest-paid celebrities and woven an out-of-this-world narrative to impress users.

The down-to-earth attitude and the truth in what they say give these ads full marks. | #Samjhakar

If you have been called out for being ‘the odd one out’, this ad will resonate with your feelings. How easy it is for the crowd to deem someone odd or different.

#Samjhakar says that you should be proud of who you are, what you feel, what you wish to wear, how you wish to carry yourself, and so on. Celebrating individuality, this campaign sounds good.

Cossouq encourages its users to come out and share their stories to break the “aise, waise, us jaise log” stereotype. Watch the ad here:

Is It iQOO from iQOO India

There could have been many ways for the brand iQOO to announce that they are India’s number one in user satisfaction. But the brand chose to go with two popular young stars with the pronunciation/mispronunciation gimmick. It works because when you see the ad even you try to pronounce the name and get it by the time the ad ends.

The name stays on….…on the tongue and the mind. That’s why it’s an impressive ad!

Jupiter App’s Make Any Day Salary Day

The feature needless to say is novel and interesting. And, the way the brand has showcased the feature is also pretty compelling. Like imagining a person to be from the other planet when he says that you can make any day salary day! Nice work as long as the app delivers and people use this feature prudently!



With that, we end the year for now. Hope 2023 is treating you well!

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