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February 2023: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

The celebrated month of romance has come and gone. There were lots of activities on the marketing front in February 2023. Here’s a round-up of the best ones, from India, and globally.

Netmeds ‘The Girl in Red Lipstick’ (INDIA)

Inspired by the real-life story of cancer survivor Anchal Sharma who made red lipstick her weapon to face cancer and its side effects, this ad from Netmeds on World Cancer Day (4th Feb) salutes Anchal’s spirit. And that is the hero of this campaign.

Have a look:

True life stories can indeed be inspirational. And that’s why it features at the top of our list!

ACKO Mumbai |Ode To Mumbai| #WelcomeChange #Mumbai #ACKO💜Mumbai

The black-and-white presentation is nostalgic and truly a classical ode. All aspects of filmmaking, from the narration to the camera work, the soundtrack, and the slow motion, - every frame, is done tastefully - everything blends beautifully to showcase the ebb of the city. In terms of audio-visual, this campaign is nothing short of poetry.


The ad has many highlights worth noticing. One, the overall essence has been kept very basic and simple, uncluttered and unglamorous, yet chic and trendy. Second, the use of colors to showcase the transition from old to bold is visually very pleasing. Third, the Vande Mataram playing in the background is soothing to the ears. And fourth, the use of small touches to bring in a sense of pride and patriotism. The final feeling is, ‘yes, this is the fabric of India.’ That makes this ad truly versatile.

IKEA UAE’s BLÅVINGAD Collection, International

They say it’s a match made in heaven. The Al-Futtaim store introduced its newest range of IKEA talking toys, all made from recycled plastic dumped into the seas and the oceans, a part of the brand’s green efforts. It’s fun, and the product concept and the campaign highlight the same - both are quite novel and fresh. The story of the evolution of the shark, the blue whale, or the French orca, are interesting narrative.

And finally, the core message is very relevant today calling for sustainability - ‘For the home, we all live in.’

Agency: Ogilvy

Chief creative director: ​Till Hohmann

Creative director: Jean-Pierre De Villiers

Brand: Ikea

General manager, marketing, communication, home furnishing, and retail design: Carla Klumpenaar

Regional marketing manager: Dina AlSahhar

Valentine’s Day Ads


The campaign on Insta had a very simple message. Love yourself first before you love others. If you have to celebrate love, start with yourself because #LoveBeginsWithYou #ValentinesDay #LoveYourself #Enrich #Valentines2023 #PamperYourself #Love #MonthOfLove

Nice because in present times, we are all caught in the rat race and while everything else is a priority, we are never for ourselves. Ads like these serve as great reminders!

5 Star | | Mush Detector

5 Star seemed to take a kind considerate attitude towards the ones that wanted to avoid the lovey-dovey overflowing mushy-mushy ethos of Valentine’s Day. This animated ad helps the ones looking for a quiet spot to actually find one through the 5 star Mush Detector. The ad is unique because it goes beyond the stereotype and just ‘Do Nothing’ other than eating 5 star, of course.

On the global front, Nokia’s New Logo launch at the Mobile World Congress, 2023 in Barcelona is being much talked about. We will conclude our round-up of marketing campaigns from February 2023 with this piece of information.

Nokia’s New Logo launch at the Mobile World Congress, 2023

Nokia rebranded its iconic 60-year-old logo featuring lighter colors, pastel shades in the background, and a disembodied front. This has been done in the wake of the brand’s new focus on the B2B segment, taking on Ericsson, the current leader in the space. For many marketing experts, it is a fresh lease of life as the brand tries to let go of its dismal past in the smartphone segment, though, at one time, Nokia was the king of mobile phones.

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