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January 2023: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

The first month of 2023 came with lots of hope and enthusiasm. Through the thirty-one days, we lost some moments, but we won many memories. With February ready to usher in many more cherishable moments, here’s our round-up of the best marketing campaigns from January 2023.

Reliance Digital’ Technology Se Rishta Jodo

Two ads that very movingly portray the relationship between technology and humans and how Reliance Digital can help strengthen it further. This is when everyone else, including your friends and family, is ready to taunt or ridicule you for not being tech-savvy.

The narrative is beautiful and very relatable. When it comes to women - homemakers, our dadis, and nanis who are at home - most of us do not realize that we hurt their self-esteem by passing casual remarks and mocking their know-how!

LensKart’s Factory Wale Prices, No Middlemen

Celebrity endorsements are pretty common in India. Lenskart’s recent ad takes it a notch higher with Karan Johar and Peyush Bansal, the CEO of Lenskart. It’s funny and takes a snide dig at the wealthy class who love to flaunt their money with Karan saying, ‘Ameero ki haaye lagagi tujhe.’

What’s good? The spirit, of course. Plus, a novel way of putting across the message that Lenskart’s prices are competitive and affordable.

#KhudKoBana with beatXP EDIT

Featuring Ali Fazal, this ad may not seem anything out of the ordinary, but if you listen to the voiceover, you are bound to feel nice and inspired.

What’s good? The message and it's meaning that’s beautifully written. We all need some motivation once in a while. This one comes with a feel-good factor.

Mahindra Group’s #TogetherWeRise, Message from Citizens of the Future

Future citizens of the world come together to share a heart-winning poem about wanting a better world where sellers follow sustainability, inclusivity, social development, equality, and more.

What’s good? A corporate brand helping raise awareness about issues that will make the world a better place to live.

Zlade Ballistic Pubic Hair Trimmer’s Give Your Balls the Respect They Deserve

What storyline could this brand develop for a product specifically for men’s hair down there? The brand does an excellent job along with Milind Soman, keeping it very contextual and to the point.

The campaign gets to the point with resoluteness and is sure to get noticed for the same by its target audience.

Urban Company’s Bano Marzi Ke Malik

Nice, nostalgic storyline! The ad eloquently portrays why you need a company like Urban Company to let you relax, play, and spend precious time with your family and yourself.

That’s all for this month. We’ll see you again with our monthly recap of the best campaigns in February 2023 very soon.

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