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July 2022: Round up of best marketing campaigns this month

India gets a new President this month even as the race for the next UK PM is in full swing. This is July 2022 and we have hit the last week of the month. We get back to our customary round-up of the best marketing campaigns for the month.

Here are the top five marketing campaigns for this month.


The ‘Kesariya’ song from the Movie Brahmastra was released in July. Storiafoods made use of the opportunity and indulged in moment marketing. It trended #LoveStoria and got an astounding 4 million views on Twitter. The word ‘Storia’ matched and the brand was quick to trend it to their advantage.

Have a look:

Amazon Alexa India

Alexa ads are known for their intelligent portrayal of emotions. This one is no different. In a series of beautifully crafted ads, Amazon gives you a reason why every home needs to have an Alexa.

Here’s the Owl Sound ad – Alexa obviously gets it right leading to the two-tooth grin on the little one’s face.

Catch Foods

Catch Foods takes on a different route to tell its story. People can twin in almost all things in life but when it comes to taste, things can be pretty different. And, who’s there to match the choice of your taste buds? Available in different flavors Catch Sprinklers, of course!

The foot-tapping background score matches well with the energetic pace of the ad.

Have a look!

Joy e-bike

E-bikes are catching up well and Joy e-bike comes with an ad that may seem similar to many other ads before. It has a nostalgic appeal that every Indian can identify with. Colorful and picturesque locales covering the length and breadth of India showing happy families, couples, kids with dads... e-bikes are the in-thing now, helping the common man and the environment too!

Here’s the full ad.

Godrej Magic Wash

This one is not different because Shahrukh Khan decided to feature in a shower after a long time. But, because the product this time around is something unique. It's a sachet of powder and not the liquid soap we are used to. That’s an innovative product that is being showcased in the ad making it different.

This ad makes to our list for product innovation.

Times of India

Wunderman Thompson has created this awesome marketing campaign called the ‘The Times of a Better India.’ Featuring success stories of the common people across gender and age, the essence is to highlight some achievements of India and that too ‘Right Now.’ Finally calling out readers to share their experiences and join the conversation with the hashtag TheTimesOfABetterIndia. Engrossing, inspiring, leaving you feeling proud! Good work.

That’s the round-up for this month. See you all again next month!

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