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June 2022: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

June, the hottest month in India (read North India), also brings the monsoon showers in many parts of the country. Plus, there were so many international days lined up this month - World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, Father's Day, and International Yoga Day, to name a few.

As we bid goodbye to June 2022, these are a few marketing campaigns that we wish to talk about.

Himalaya Baby Care | World Environment Day | Father's Day

The brand celebrated both the international days with two different ads - one focused on a simple message of planting trees through its Baby Care range on 4th June and the other on 18th June talking about a promise of protection coming from our very first superheroes, our dads!

Nestle | Maggie

The occasion was World Environment Day, and the ad had a message for the millions of Maggie lovers across India. While the initial part of the ad showcased the Indian sentimental attachment to Maggie, the latter part tells you how to dispose of the packet responsibly. A move that should be a part of every big brand's campaign and the power they have on the audience.

Kay Beauty By Katrina | #TheresMoreToMe

An Instagram campaign called #TheresMoreToMe by Kay Beauty speaks of individuality on World Pride's Day that has nothing much to do with sexuality or sexual preferences. Not much drama; straightforward content, but it shows a lot of support to the LGBTQ+ community. | Anupam Ki Shaadi

The new ad has the founder of narrating the story of the evolvement of the brand that has won global recognition in the last 20 years. The ad may seem a bit long, but the idea of involving the founder to showcase the brand story is a good idea. After all, it has made a difference to over 7 million couples and their success stories. Why not celebrate? The ad is the brainchild of Anupam Mittal, his inhouse team and Train Tripper Films & Leo Burnett.

Comedy Central India & Colors Infinity | #SafeForDads

Another Father's Day campaign, but this one was different. It had real-life kids speak to their dads not about anything but about something they would be scared to share. So, they did it on camera, and there was much camaraderie. Toast to all fathers and their kids. | World Yoga Day did some juggling of letters to speak about themselves as well as yoga on Instagram. Here's the creative bite:


Skore had an equally naughty and jestful way of driving home the essence of yoga on 21st June. Plus, of course, the creative didn't miss the opportunity to underline Skore condoms.




There were many more brilliant ones from big and small brands this June. But, this is as much as we could cover. See you all with our round-up of best marketing campaigns for July 2022!

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