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Looking for a freelance graphic designer? Here is a list that you'll find handy.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

"There are three reactions to a design - yes, no, and wow. The last is the one to aim for."

Graphic designers are the people who make this possible. They bring their innate creativity to the table, adding the much-needed visual interpretations to a content piece.

Interestingly, today, many graphic designers are opting to work as freelancers for apparent reasons. Worldwide, almost 90% of the Graphic Design industry consists of freelancers (as per a report by IBISWorld). In India, too, the phenomenon is fast catching up.

Want to hire freelance graphic designers? Here's a list of creative graphic designers for your ready reference.

Ranjan Gupta

Jammu-based Ranjan is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at MNIT Jaipur. Thanks to his interest and the experience gained in the past few years in graphic designing, he is already designated a Preferred Freelance Graphic Designer on leading freelance platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Dribbble. With certified expertise in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Ranjan has been freelancing since 2020. His Adobe Illustrator test score on Fiverr is 7.2/10, and the Adobe Photoshop Test on Fiverr is 8.8/10.

Pinal Patel

Surat-based Pinal has been freelancing in graphic design since 2019. Overall, she has more than four years of work experience with expertise in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks. She also has experience in working with Figma. Pinal has completed her Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering and Technology, Surat.

Gehna Handa

Gehna has been working as a freelancer since 2020. She has completed her Graphic Design course at the World University of Design and Visual Experiential Design from United World Institute of Design. She has expertise in branding, website, print, coasters, graduation projects, social media, and photography-related designing. She has done an incredible body of work - visit to have a look.

Sakshi Tiwari

Bhopal-based Sakshi is a social media executive and works as a freelance graphic designer. She has been freelancing for the past one year. Sakshi has completed her MBA from Prestige Institute of Management & Research and has a PG diploma in Computer Applications.

Sakshi is open to freelance and can be contacted at

Laavanya Sharma

Laavanya has been working in the graphic designing industry since 2015. For the last two years, she has been freelancing. Her forte is in the retail sector, where she has a thorough knowledge of multiple aspects related to branding, packaging, advertising, and photography. She has completed her professional design course at the Symbiosis Institute of Design. She has been featured on the World Brand Design.

Laavanya can be reached at her LinkedIn profile:

Darshan Vhatkar

Kalyan-based Darshan has about 11 years of experience in graphic designing. She has worked as a freelancer since 2011 though she finished her professional course (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in designing from the Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts University, Gwalior, in 2014. She is also a pro in digital media marketing and works as a visualizer, artist, and blogger.

Ashita N.

Ashita has been freelancing as a graphic designer since 2013. Her overall work experience spans 12+ years, during which she has worked with many known brands, startups, and domestic and international clients. She is a pro in industries like fashion, education, hotels & restaurants, tourism, publication, and technology. She has expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, and Microsoft Office Suite. Her expertise lies in branding, social media designing, logo & packaging design, print design, advertising, and branding design.

You can reach out to Ashita at

That's our list of freelance graphic designers for now. We will keep adding to this list in the coming months. Till then, let's create great stories for better designs.

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