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March 2022: Round-up of the Best Marketing Campaigns This Month

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

March is mainly about the financial year-end with last-minute investments, ITR filings, etc. But, this year, March had some interesting ad campaigns that caught our attention.

Let's find out what was unique about these six brand ads and films.

Zymrat's - Back to Discipline video

Zymrat is a technology-led performance wear company known for its high-quality zero-odour activewear or athleisure for men. The D2C brand launched a new video in March 2022 to stimulate its customers to get back to a healthy lifestyle, now that Covid seems to have retraced its steps.

The video starts with a dark and dingy backdrop and moves to enthusiasm and brightness as the protagonist is filled with new hope. It connects with the common man subtly poking them to take care of their health by being physically active.

What's different? The hard-hitting message of the brand is presented through a simple, relatable everyday life story.

The ad was conceptualized by the Zymrat in-house team and was executed by Havas Media.

Uber's "Bas Socho Aur Chal Pado"

The mobility service provider released four ad films created by FCB India in March 2022. Each film showcases and salutes the indomitable spirit of Indians in overcoming all odds. These weave in Uber Auto (three-wheeler) and Uber Moto (two-wheeler), the low-cost mobility solutions from Uber, to make their everyday commute easy and simple.

The four films depict Auto and Moto as the most reliable ways to travel, be it in any situation. Nicely conceptualized and illustrated, Runaway Bride, Cafe Delite, Return to Work, and Blood Donation beautifully highlight the underlying message - "Bas Socho Aur Chal Pado."

What's good? The timing, for sure - now that most of India has opened up and people have started to go back to the office. And the well-crafted message inspired from real-life stories are truly commendable!

LVMH India's Launch of a Photobook Titled 'She/Her' on Women's Day

LMVH Photobook_Indian Business Council
A photobook with feature stories of real women

LVMH India had a unique way of paying tribute to womanhood on this Women's Day. The initiative was the launch of the photobook featuring nine women and their inspiring stories. The one-of-its-kind book was the brainchild of LVMH's Indian team headed by Oindrila Malik, Head of Creative Strategy and Brand.

Why did this campaign make up our list?

Titled 'She/Her,' the book was a novel way of acknowledging the willpower and caliber of women. Also, this is the first time that Asian women have been featured in LVMH's photobook. It will be available at all LVMH Stores in Paris.

Catch the story of Urmi, Zareen, Rudrani, Suparnaa, Sheetal, Silpa, Bruna, Suviena, and Yash in the awe-inspiring 'She/Her' photobook!

Ugaoo's brand film on World Forestry Day

Humans are responsible for the world's ecosystem. On World Forestry Day, Ugaoo, the Pune-based startup, reinforces the same through its brand film. Not just that, it reiterates the need for a green Earth because plants are essential for the growth of human civilization.

Titled 'Plants Grow People,' the ad, conceptualized by Thought Over Design team, is neatly made with a precise and strong message for the audience.

The heart-touching simple narrative raises a ray of hope. Kudos to the creative team to keep it basic and yet power-driven - getting you nostalgic at times.

Project Nanhi Kali

Ogilvy India does it again! A brilliant piece of work for Nanhi Kali, a social project jointly managed by the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation. Nanhi Kali works relentlessly to educate and empower girls from rural and underprivileged families across India.

The latest video depicts the life of a village girl, Lajjo, expressed through the eyes of her namesake, who is the family's domesticated buffalo.

The ad reinforces the sad state of affairs for women in the patriarchal society in India, especially in villages. Young girls who should be at school are engaged in household chores. The ad is gut-wrenching, beautifully crafted by the agency.

Reebok's extremely creative take on gender bias in interviews

Women face all sorts of uncomfortable and inappropriate questions in job interviews, be it any sphere or stage of their career. Reebok brings this fact with great power through its recent Instagram post.

The short video shot very realistically will make you stop for a moment. Questions that are usually reserved for women in job interviews are asked to men, and you can see how taken aback the candidates are. It drives home the point flawlessly that the workplace is about abilities and skills, not genders.

A definite five-star to the brand for recognizing this lacuna, collaborating with VICE, and presenting it impeccably.




And that's a wrap, folks!!

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