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May 2022: Round-up of the best marketing campaigns this month

Updated: May 30, 2022

May...a month when the temperature in North India is at an all-time high and people are being advised to stay indoors. It is also the month of the much-awaited IPL.

As this month of life and action comes to an end, we are back with our round-up of the best marketing campaigns for the month.

YouTube #CreatingForIndia with Neeraj Chopra, Javelin Champion

What Neeraj Chopra did for India is unparalleled. It has left every Indian proud. YouTube, the world’s second-largest social media platform and a trendsetter in its own niche has collaborated with Neeraj to revisit his struggles and story about preparing for Olympics 2021.

What’s so special? Easy to connect. You can easily connect with the video as most of us turn to YouTube to seek information and details. When you need to do something DIY, it has to be YouTube!

Neeraj also, in this ad, claims to have learned a lot about javelin through DIYing via YouTube.

KFC’s Howzzat Ad

Celebrating cricket which is no less than a festival in India, especially during the IPL Season, KFC has come up with an exciting offer for all KFC lovers. All that one needs to do is download the KFC App and shout ‘Howzzat.’ The decibels of your voice translate into some fantastic discounts, up to 40%.

An honest marketing gimmick - the humorous tone of the ad blends well with the concept to promote sales. After all, that’s what is at the core of marketing, isn’t it?

Quila by Kohler

Kohler presents its limited edition of products for the bath space in Rajasthani folk paintings with local artist Padma Shri Jai Prakash Lakhiwal. The brand pays homage to the richness of Indian art through these paintings. Quila or Fort is an India Artist Edition by Kohler for its bathroom sink product line. A fine piece of work with illustrations from the erstwhile Rajput life and culture rendered through miniature paintings in the Kota and Kangra art styles.

It is a shoutout to all big names for playing some role in preserving the local arts and crafts.

Plum Shelters by PLUM as part of #Emptiesforgood campaign

As May and June become scorchingly hot in India, Plum, a personal care vegan brand, is asking its customers to recycle back the Plum bottles and empties so that they can create shelters for our furry friends. While the #Emptiesforgood campaign has been on for long now, the Plum Shelters is a new concept where customers can pitch their neighbourhood for Plum Shelters.

What's great? Campaigns like these prove that marketing is not just about selling & promotions but making holistic and honest attempts at making a difference. A noble thought that deserves full marks!

Sirona Hygiene's #PeriodsHiTohHai campaign

The homegrown fem-tech brand has rolled out its #PeriodsHiTohHai ad, which highlights the stereotypical mindset of Indian households where periods are concerned. One of the female characters mentions very nicely that periods are a natural biological process and should be treated as nothing more than everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or waking up in the morning. The point - hiding period products should be stopped - is delivered without blinking an eye!

The company is asking its customers to share pictures of their period support buddies on its social media. This ad gets to our list for its take on a topic still considered taboo in many Indian homes.



Five different campaigns, each with a unique concept, a different story, and a reason to get highlighted here. We will be back again with the round-up of marketing campaigns from June 2022.

Till then, stay cool but let the heat fire up your creativity!

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