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Memorable Indian Ads from the Last Two Decades (Part 2)

A fortnight ago, we presented ten memorable ads from the last two decades. Continuing with the list, here are another eight such exemplary ads that are nostalgic, inspiring, and truly the work of genius minds.

These are ads that are thoughtful with a social message without being preachy. A perfect concoction!

HP’s Go Local Ad during Diwali

It takes a lot to come up with ideas like these. Nicely presented, the ad comes across as motivational – inspiring you and me, the common man to do something good for others. And what can be a better time to start than Diwali?

The Rajasthani folklore in the form of a background score makes it even more realistic.

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign

The question asked by the brand was, ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’ The hashtag campaign initiated in 2015 has done wonders in the Indian gender-bias society.

As per Ariel, 1.5 million plus men in India pledged to share the load with their spouses, challenging the stereotypical notions in society. Over the years, Ariel has launched various versions of the original ad.

Titan’s #breakthebias Ad on Women’s Day

In 2016, Titan made an attempt to create a stir about bias against working women in the workplace. The plot subtly brings out the point with a twist at the end. Acknowledging that women are perceived to achieve success at work by doing favors to their male colleagues addresses the elephant in the room.

Dainik Bhaskar’s ‘Zidd Karo, Duniya Badlo’ in 2012

Dainik Bhaskar brings an ad that again focuses on a social cause. With more girls dropping out of school because their parents feel that girls have nothing to gain from education, this ad shows how tiny-tots win a battle against an adult when they join hands together. Great conceptualization, and an even better presentation! Great lyrics too.

Ambuja Cement’s Ad featuring Boman Irani

Released in 2010, this ad is remarkable because the plot features Boman Irani who is known for his comic timing. The creatives may be very basic but the presentation has comedy as an integral part and that is what makes this ad memorable.

Maruti Suzuki’s ad in 2003 ‘Papa ki Karaan, petrol Khatam hi ni Hunda’

Maruti’s message through the commercial was straight and direct, on the face. It was all about fuel economy. And the ad guys used a simple and relatable approach to showcase this. It’s memorable because Maruti from those days makes most of us sentimental.

Five Star’s Ramesh-Suresh Ad

Made by Ogilvy, the duo, Ramesh and Suresh are synonymous with the 5 star brand. The brothers are so lost in the chewy taste of the 5 star that the ‘Jo khaaye kho jaaye’ message of the brand becomes an integral part of its campaigns since 2005-6. Everyone remembers this ad and more so, Ramesh and Suresh!

Dhara Oil’s Jalebi Ad from 1996

This one is surely going to make you nostalgic. The jalebi ad marked the screen presence of a cute little boy, Parzaan Dastur who leaves home because he gets scolded by everyone. But garam-garam jalebis at home makes him return back. Cuteness overloaded, the ad is memorable coz of the adorable little boy.



These are our selected few. There are many more such memorable ads but beyond the scope of this write-up. We will keep coming back with more of them in the future.

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