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Nine Social Media Marketers to Follow on LinkedIn in 2022

On average, Indians spend about 2.36 hours on social media every day. Instagram, at 76.5%, tops the chart for India's most-used social media platform. Close on the heels are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. No doubt, there is a growing demand for social media marketing in India.

Looking to follow social media marketers on LinkedIn and learn a thing or two? Here’s our list of the top ones in 2022.


Sonam Rastogi, Social Media Manager

Sonam is an organic Growth Marketer, a social media freelancer, and a social media content writer. She is an expert in FB Paid Campaigns, building social media strategies, creating engaging content, and managing social media platforms for her clients. She has more than two years of experience in the niche, specializing in organic brand growth and hashtag strategy.


Kaviyakavi Bhaskaran, Social Media Marketer - Vmaker, Copywriter & Content Creator

A literature graduate, Kaviyakavi is a self-trained social media freelancer as she discovered it was her calling sometime in 2020. Starting with writing Instagram captions for fan pages and helping her friends in business with their social media strategies, she embarked on a professional marketing career focusing on social media management soon after. She is a freelance copywriter and social media strategist.


Aishvarya Karthikeyan, Personal Branding & Social Media Growth Consultant for Founders & Executives

Aishvarya is a copywriter and works as a content writer, helping her clients scale up their businesses. At the core, she is into personal branding, creating LinkedIn posts, writing answers on Quora, blog and article writer, creating social media captions, and carousel posts for social media. She offers LinkedIn coaching and management, social media management, and consultation on social media growth for LinkedIn and Instagram.


Mahima Dahiya, Social Media Strategist & Marketer

A freelancer, Mahima is an expert in Facebook Ads, Instagram Growth, and building sales funnels. Besides helping create, manage and optimize various sales funnels, FB and Instagram Ads, she helps with ad campaign audits, offers consultation on funnel audits, creating customized ads strategies and content strategies.


Varnika Singh, Freelance Social media and Content Strategist

A potpourri of fun and creative ideas, Varnika is trained and experienced in content strategy, social media management and strategy, communication consultancy, and FB and Instagram Ads. She also hosts the travel talk show called Travel FM.


Sachin Yadav, Social Media Marketer

Sachin is a pro-Facebook Ads Expert, Pinterest Ads and performance marketer, and Ecommerce Specialist focusing on ROI & Funnel Marketing. Though he is only three years old in the niche, he has worked across diversified industries and geographic regions. His key specialties include - campaign management, channel ROI, funnel optimization, budget allocation, and optimizing marketing budgets.


Mona Agrawal, Social Media Strategist & Coach

Mona offers personal branding and LinkedIn organic growth services to her client. She has helped innumerable agency owners and brands, coaching them to grow their social media presence and achieve their online marketing goals. She has coached over 250 people and has work experience spanning 25 clients and more—her forte lies in copywriting, community development, reporting, preparing editorial calendars, etc.


Mehak Mahajan, Content Marketing and Strategy Social Media Marketing

Mehak is a content creator with experience in Instagram Organic Growth and LinkedIn growth and is a personal branding consultant. She is an undergraduate political science student with an innate interest in social media and content creation.


Jhankhna Chheda, Social Media Marketing Manager

Jhankhna is an ardent content writer with 4+ years of experience and is well-versed in Instagram Marketing Strategy. She has worked for at least three years in the social media marketing gamut, helping start-up businesses in their marketing strategies on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, and Pinterest.




That's for today. These are a few social media marketers that you can follow on LinkedIn and pick up a technique or two from.

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Oct 25, 2022

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