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October 2022: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

October in India is mostly about the festive spirit in the air with back-to-back festivals, celebrations, lights, sweets, dance, music, and so on. Amidst all this, some brands came to our notice for their marketing campaigns and ads, some for their novel and inspiring idea, one or two for their shift in ideologies, foray into a new business, and more.

Here's a brief snapshot of the best marketing campaigns from October 2022.

Britannia NutriChoice Protein collaborates with an Instagrammer instead of a TV commercial

In the digital age, many brands are quick to adapt to new platforms but some stay loyal to their celebrity-led TV campaigns. Britannia Industries, a 130-year-old company took its first step with Britannia NutriChoice Protein for promotions.

Talented, the ad agency floated the idea and the brand was quick to embrace it. The creator onboard was Danish Sait with a follower base of 1.3 million, who plays LKB in the video, a fitness freak. The campaign was released on Instagram Reel in the first week of October.

Ever since it has garnered about 21,222 likes. The aim was to reach out to a health-conscious digital audience who are aware of the goodness of proteins. This is the perfect example of maturing with age (applicable for Britannia) and that’s why the campaign gets a mention here.

Titan’s foray into the handbag segment with IRTH Bags

Titan has now forayed into a new business segment – handbags. On this occasion, a 30-second ad created by Wieden+Kennedy was released. It revolves around the basic functionalities of a bag and how handbags are an integral part of a woman, be it a working woman, a mother, or a homemaker.

The narration is like a story and in sync with the product line targets women who use bags as a functional help with the ‘I need value’ proposition and also women who romanticize the use of handbags as ‘I love bags.’

Sabhyata’s Diwali Ad

Empathy always works. It is a beautiful language. We all aspire to work with bosses and seniors who are compassionate and supportive. Not those serious ones but the ones that bother to share a bite with you, especially when you are tensed and nervous.

Converting such regular daily life scenarios into a storyline of an ad definitely resonates with our struggling years. That's the beauty of this ad.

Have a look:

Vivo’s Diwali Campaign

Festivals are about families, right? And, families need to have some dose of high emotions and sentiments. Vivo makes a good case study of archetypical Indian feelings with this ad. Word of caution: If you are the sentimental type, you may be left a bit teary-eyed after watching the ad.

Policybazaar’s New Pay-As-You-Go Ad

Policybazaar’s insurance on pay-as-you-go or pause otherwise is an awesome product offer. A series of short ads released by the brand expressively showcase the same. The witty undertone makes the ads worth watching. Of course, the product stands tall and therefore the ads get a mention here.

That's all for this month. See you in another thirty days with another round-up of the best marketing campaigns for November 2022.

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