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September 2022: Round-up of best marketing campaigns this month

The ninth month of 2022 is almost over now. Teacher’s Day, Hindi Diwas, Daughter’s Day, Tourism Day, and most of all, the beginning of festivities across India mark this month. As we bid goodbye to September 2022, here’s our selection of the best marketing campaigns from this month.

The brand’s tagline has always been ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai.’ A new campaign launched this month looks at different everyday scenarios underlining that irrespective of situations, the essence of fear is always the same. There are two choices though for each one of us – succumb to the fear or overcome it. A sip of Mountain Dew metaphorically gives that courage to go ahead and face the fear with courage. Because ‘No fear is too small.’

What is note-worthy? Weaving daily life scenes into the plot.


On Teacher’s Day, this campaign from Navneet Education touches you deeply. Doctors, judges, Army personnel, and many more professions have titles to honor them. Why not teachers who carve out such professionals for the betterment of society?

What is note-worthy? It makes perfect sense – the simplicity of the message.

Maybelline New York India Raise Your Hand

This ad talks about the brand’s commitment to mental health initiatives. Ace shuttler PV Sindhu has been roped in where she broaches a difficult topic with a group of youngsters. A show of hand is all that is required to communicate if those present had ever felt anxious and stressed in different situations. We suppress such discussions believing we are the only one, but we are all in it together.

What is note-worthy? Well written and nicely made.

A simple narrative about the need to get fitter. Physical fitness is a pre-requisite, especially for women in India, to fight off the demeaning glares and stares from the opposite sex. This campaign underlines this thought meaningfully.

What is note-worthy? The part about mothers leading the way for their daughters!

In a cluttered space, makers of tech products can bring in the element of suspense like this campaign. Once you see it, and if you are in love with hi-tech gadgets, you will fight the urge to indulge your money immediately in buying one, taking advantage of the many discount schemes already launched by other sellers.

What is note-worthy? The anticipation created by Mi with this on-your-face message.

M&S India launched this campaign on Twitter to help thousands of women to understand if they have been wearing the wrong-fitting bra all this time, putting their health at risk. The #BreakupDanceChallenge with Tejaswi Prakash is about matching your own dance steps with the rap song curated for the campaign. Once you dance, you’ll realize if you are also wearing an ill-fitting bra, and hence, time to go for a change and break up.

What is note-worthy? Raising awareness about a topic which is usually ignored by women on a daily basis.



That's it for this time. We will be back again after a month with the round-up for October 2022.

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