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Top 10 All-time Favorite Christmas-related Marketing Campaigns

From the beginning of December, there’s music in the air, and festivity all around. Irrespective of religious beliefs and faith, people come together to make merry and it is not just limited to the 24th, 25th, or the 31st night. The holiday cheer is simply unmissable.

Brands, too, take this opportunity to put their best foot forward, launching their best elements as the holiday season approaches. They also put their brains together for some motivational, some humorous, and some not-so-impressive ad and marketing campaigns.

Here is our list of ten all-time favorite Christmas-related campaigns.

John Lewis’ #BusterTheBoxer Campaign, 2016, UK

The UK-based departmental store chain is known for its genius marketing campaigns. One such campaign was this ad released in 2016. In a gist, trampolines are liked by one and all, including our furry companions. The deeper message though was about gifting on Christmas – not just following traditions but bringing home gifts that everyone will love, including pets.

Have a look:

SBI Life- #MainSeHum Real-Life Stories – Christmas Featuring the Robin Hood Army, 2018, India

What’s great about the ad? Santa doesn’t have to always be clad in his traditional red dress. The Robinhood Army, dressed in green features real-life people who believe in delivering joy and smiles to the underprivileged kids of society. As the voiceover summarizes - you do not have to be Santa to do good or have sleighs and reindeer to deliver presents. Anyone with a heart can do all this. Touching!

Agency: WATConsult

Costa Coffee’s 2019 Christmas Campaign, Malta

It’s a powerful ad with just a background score – no words shared between the actors. It reminds us that festivities are meant to be about celebrations together and not about being hooked to your digital gadgets. ‘Wake up’ in other words!

Sakshi NGO’s All I Want for Christmas #MakeHomeASafeSpace, India

Disturbing but sadly this is the truth and Sakshi NGO & Schbang for Good uses the Christmas backdrop to drive home an urgent message about child sexual abuse. Kids are taught to be ‘NICE’ but it’s time we give them a secure home.

LEGO’s Christmas Ad in 2020, UK

This ad from 2020 features kids during Christmas seeing the world with their eyes; letting their imagination and creativity run wild. The campaign drives home the point about the difference in adult and kid’s perception of a festive season. It’s important for adults to see the one that their kids have in mind.

Iceland Foods TV AD in 2018: #NoPalmOilChristmas, UK

The ad is bold because it takes on food and other FMCG companies for cutting down forests for palm oil. Where does the wild go when their homes are being destroyed? A good CSR initiative from the supermarket brand.

Virgin Trains, London, UK: Ad from 2018

The brand partnered with Rethink Mental Illness and used 750 liters of paint to highlight the script from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” at various stations between London Euston and Glasgow Central. The aim was to raise awareness about mental health and be kind to fellow travelers during Christmas. After all, the essence of the festival is kindness and hope.

Columbia Pacific’s ad, 2021, UK

This ad encourages people to change their perception and break the shackles of stereotyping Santa. In the ad, three elderly women from the Columbia Pacific Communities dressed up as Santa to surprise kids.

Have a look right here.

Coca-Cola's Chimney Ad in 2021, UK

Coca-Cola has always come with beautiful ad scripts year after year. In 2021, it released yet another moving ad that was meant as a reminder that the magic of Christmas can be realized only when it is shared with others.

Agency: DentsuMB U.K.

Winkies – #BoroDinBoroMonn 2021, India

An animated film released in 2021 by Winkies, the cake brand in India shows how small businesses suffered during the pandemic. Small efforts from our end, however, can make a difference in their lives. It served as a reminder for each to do their bit to help one another. As the brand says in the end, “Celebrate a warm Christmas with Winkies Authentic Cake Range!”

There are many more such poignant ad films that force you to stop, think, and act. These ten stand out for their timeless narratives and touchpoints.

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