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Children’s Day 2022: Moment Marketing Campaigns by Brands

In an earlier post in June 2022, we covered some of the iconic ads depicting moment marketing instances at their best. Today, we will specifically showcase a few brand campaigns that were released on Children’s Day, 14th November 2022. All the campaigns put the child at the center and spoke something about them. What makes these ads noteworthy is that all of them highlight some or the other aspect of childhood that is not-so-good at the moment.

Take a look.

Otrivin Breathe Clean Campaign

Otrivin highlighted breathing clean this Children’s Day. Involving about 1,000 kids who wrote open letters using a special pencil, the campaign asked adults to pause for a moment and hear the voices of these kids. All that they were asking for is the gift to breathe clean air.

Great thought by Otrivin and Grey Group, the ad agency.

P.S. The special pencils have been made from the by-products of pollution waste as part of the brand’s Pollution Capture Pencils. The waste was collected from sustainable air purifiers installed by Otrivin in schools for 1,000 school children and mixed with graphite to create these special pencils.

Gritzo’s Wish for Kids

The brand urges parents and elders to celebrate the creativity of their kids and stay childlike. Kids’ imagination and naivety make them different from adults. Let us not rush them to overgrow their childish creativity. Let’s instead enjoy their visions and celebrate them.

Make My Trip's Sheer Joy

MMT’s message on Children’s Day is kind of nostalgic. The brand equates the joy of swinging carefree and traveling. Doesn’t it sound like pure joy!

Nickelodeon India’s Humari Maange Puri Karo

Children today are despairing for a simple place to play outdoors. Nickelodeon focuses on this point as well as encourages kids to come out and voice out more demands on giving them a platform at the least.

Cadbury’s Bournvita #FaithNotForce campaign

Cadbury’s Bournvita addressed a perpetually-bothersome point with Indian parents about the career of their kids. Bournvita’s jar was given forced packs that appeared at limited supermarket stores and had adults confused about the changed packaging. The voiceover in the ad mentions parents dictating and forcing their kids to take a profession irrespective of what the child wants.

The packs had a message. Let’s not force our kids to become something that they do not wish to be.

Brilliant work by Cadbury's Bournvita and Ogilvy.

Bajaj Allianz’s Children’s Day Ad

‘Guess the Job’ was a campaign by Bajaj Allianz. The brand invited a few parents to guess the profession of a few youngsters. Most parents came up with the selected few careers ‘doctor, engineer, CA, or lawyer.’ But, one of them was a social media influencer, a perfume designer, a vegan pastry chef, an archaeologist, or an ethical hacker. The ad prods the parents to think beyond the conventional and let their kids go after their professional aspirations, do something new or unconventional and become successful in their careers.

Godrej redefines ABCD on Children’s Day

Sung in the traditional ABC tune, Godrej had new meanings for each alphabet. Maahi, the Good & Green mascot of Godrej presented the same on Children’s Day. This is a part of its tie-up with Teach For India group where they plan to take this new-age ABC rhyme to schools and educational boards of India to include in their preschool curriculum.

It starts with A for Air and ends with Z for Zero Carbon.

Good initiative by Godrej, Teach For India, and Creative Land Asia.

Hope to see some more promising ads and campaigns from other brands too next year.

Till then, stay inspired and creative!

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