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Five Reasons Why You Should Nominate Your Best Videos for STREAM Awards 2022

STREAM Awards 2022 is one of Indian Business Council’s prestigious Awards & Recognition endeavors for video content creators, marketers, publishers, brands, agencies, and broadcasters. Scheduled for 24th June in Mumbai, it will be a part of the Video Summit & Awards events that focus on the latest video creation and marketing trends. The event will witness and celebrate individuals and businesses that have done exceptional work in this gamut.

STREAM Awards 2022 is now welcoming nominations for different categories, including Sectoral Videos and Special Awards. Though the slot for Early Bird entries is closed, regular entries are open till 13th May 2022. This is the time for content creators, publishers, broadcasters, agencies, and of course, brands to step in and nominate their video creations for STREAM Awards 2022.

Reasons why you should nominate your best video work for STREAM

1. STREAM Awards is the brainchild of the Indian Business Council

IBC or the Indian Business Council needs no formal introduction. The collaborative unit is an industry body that ensures synchronized and concerted efforts for the overall development of trade and commerce. From data mining and analytics to facilitate professional networking and collaborations, policy recommendations, and more, IBC is committed to strengthening the business ecosystem within India. The organization hosts Awards and Industry Recognition events like STREAM 2022 to encourage creativity and innovation in this endeavor. Check out the recent NaME Awards hosted by IBC.

2. IBC has multiple industry-recognized Awards & Events to its name

The Indian Business Council organizes numerous award programs and conferences annually. The recently concluded ones include:

  • National Marketing Excellence Awards or NaME

  • Digital Dragon Awards

  • Next-Gen Leaders or NGL

  • STREAM Awards

The organization has a rich and diversified experience in hosting events and awards of varying nomenclature and degree. There is credibility to each of the award shows mentioned here - there’s pride in the work being done by the IBC.

3. The event has some of the most sought-after brands as its partners

The Who’s Who of top brands, Indian and international, have come on board as partners to the STREAM Awards. Have a look at the list:

Partners for Indian Business Council's STREAM awards
Partners at STREAM Awards 2022

4. The Awards is being judged by seasoned industry professionals

Here’s a look at the judges who are a part of the jury for STREAM 2022. These are all accomplished experts in their fields with proven track records.

5. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent and build credibility in the industry

An Award show of the caliber and scope of STREAM is the perfect platform to highlight your creative skills and talent. Your nominated video/s will be reviewed by the expert panel - people who are thorough with the nuances of video creation and publishing. While the winners are acknowledged with the Award which is an ultimate stamp of recognition, even the nominees get deserving attention for their work. This makes it worthwhile to send in your nomination for the STREAM 2022 Awards!

Being a part of the Award program exposes you to a kaleidoscope of professional learning and growing opportunities even as a nominee. Your entry/ies will be judged by a spectrum of judges and showcased in front of top brands who are partners to the event. This can make a meaningful difference to your professional growth and development.

Such opportunities as these should not be ignored. If you have done some inspirational and out-of-the-box work in the video industry in 2021-22, it is time that you visit to nominate your piece/s of work.

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