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January 2022: The Five Best Marketing Campaigns That Caught Our Attention

Sometimes it is the playful nature of the copy.

Sometimes it is cashing in on a news story that is making headlines.

Other times, it is the use of a new and quirky medium.

The stream of creativity never runs dry when it comes to marketing. Even in this world of information overload, there are always those ideas that catch our attention and even go viral.

Here are a few such memorable campaigns from January that hit the bullseye.

1. HealthifyMe’s campaign with Sara Ali Khan

Exactly around the time when people were making New Year resolutions around fitness, HealthifyMe, a fitness app, came up with its new brand campaign, #sabkarengetry. Featuring Sara Ali Khan and her own journey of weight loss, the series of ads talks about finding your reason to get fit. And don’t we all have one!

Conceptualized by WondrLab in association with HealthifyMe’s in-house creative team, this campaign is making ‘healthify’ a verb we all might soon be using to describe our journey to fitness.

What we loved:

  • Sara Ali Khan and the other people’s candid conversations about weight loss

  • The theme of ‘finding your reason’ to get fit

Great going HealthifyMe.

2. Wordle’s Socially Shareable Grid

It is unimaginable how a simple game like Wordle went so viral but it did!

Especially the shareable grid without revealing the actual word is trending all over social media.

Psst…psst…we are addicted too.

What we loved:

  • The simplicity of the game, for sure

  • The shareable grid that captured the curiosity of the world!


3. #Letstalkman by Man Matters

The message is hard-hitting and unmissable. This campaign named #letstalkman by Man Matters, a holistic wellness platform for men, makes you pause and think about the emotional turbulence we have all gone through during this pandemic.

A relatable rant by stand up comedian Kumar Varun on how people were forced to work from home, sometimes despite having tested positive. Great job done by Spring Marketing Capital.

What we loved: Hands down, the message!

4. #PlumSquad by Plum

Plum is known for widely using influencer marketing as their go-to strategy and they are doing it again with the new #plumsquad series. The idea is to find talented content creators in the beauty and personal care space, and give them a platform to grow their careers by being full-time employees with the marketing team at Plum.

What we loved:

  • Targeting the right group of emerging influencers in the country who, in turn, have an audience Plum can reach out to

5. Dolo 650 moment marketing

Well, this one wasn’t planned by any agency or even by Micro Labs, the company that produces Dolo 650. But going from being a medicine prescribed for fever to a meme helped improve the sales of this paracetamol.

What we loved: The creativity shown by various brands in picking up on this trend and creating fun memes. Some of them are collated here for you to see.

Dolo Memes_Indian Business Council
Viral Dolo 650 meme

Dolo Memes_Indian Business Council had something to say about Dolo 650

Dolo Meme inspired by Pushpa Allu Arjun_Indian Business Council
The hookstep of Pushpa had to feature in a Dolo 650 meme

Dolo Memes_Indian Business Council
Ban Banjara also had a twist to share on Dolo 650

Dolo Memes_Indian Business Council
Munna Bhai prescribing Dolo 650

If you have been part of remarkable Marketing campaigns in the last two years, you may nominate your work for the NaME Awards 2022 by clicking on the banner below:

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